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Wesley Preston Walters
Manuscript Collection MS#073
Box #64

Content Summary: Periodical and Miscellaneous Files, B-I. The files found in Boxes 64-67 of the Walters Collection were compiled by Pauline Hancock and Olive Wilcox, of Independence, Missiouri, circa 1948-1960 and were received by Rev. Wesley P. Walters circa 1986-1990.

Span dates: 1948-1986 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one carton)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Wesley Preston Walters Manuscript Collection, Box 64, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

cameraMrs. Pauline Hancock, (L), & Mrs. Eugene Wilcox using a Remington-Rand camera to microfilm
rare books.

Box 64
File & Subject
ƒ01 — Finding Aid
ƒ02 — "Aaronic Herald" – Name changed to "Melchisedec and Aaronic Herald" with 2d number [photocopies]
ƒ03 — After Death? – Universal Salvation; Endless Punishment
ƒ04 — "Bits & Pieces"
ƒ05 — "Bible Markings" for RLDS Church Members
ƒ06 — Bible History Materials – Summary of the Kings of Israel
ƒ07 — Book of Mormon – Statements relating to Witnesses [photocopies of selected items]
ƒ08 — Book of Mormon – Translation – Testimonies of original church witnesses or eye witnesses
ƒ09 — Book of Mormon – Translation – Articles from early resources
ƒ10 — Book of Mormon – Statistical Analysis [computer analysis]
ƒ11 — Book of Mormon – Urim and Thummin
ƒ12 — Briggs, Jason W.
ƒ13 — "The Basis of Brighamite Polygamy" – Jason W. Briggs
ƒ14 — "Bucky's Lamentation for Want of More Wives"
ƒ15 — "A Call to Scattered Israel : Back to 1830" [no author's name provided]
ƒ16 — Church Chronology - 1844
ƒ17 — Commission
ƒ18 — "A Comprehensive History of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" – Century I, by B.H. Roberts
ƒ19 — "Cornerstones of 'Reorganization'"
ƒ20 — Courage: A Journal of History, Thought and Action, 1970-1971, Miscellaneous Items
ƒ21 — Cowdery, Oliver, "Defence in a Rehearsal of my Grounds," etc. [photocopies]; A Critical Look: A Study of the Overstreet 'Confession' and the Cowdery 'Defence'," by Jerald & Sandra Tanner (1967)
ƒ22 — Cowdery, Oliver – "Defence" – Miscellaneous Letters and Articles [cf. A.C. Lambert's personal notes to Wes Walters, p. 322-328. Filed under "Cowdery, Oliver—Oliver Overstreet Confession"]
ƒ23 — Cowdery, Oliver – Membership in the Methodist Protestant Church
ƒ24 — Cowdery, Oliver – Miscellaneous Material
ƒ25 — Cowdery, Oliver – Oliver Overstreet Confession
ƒ26 — Cutlerite Church – Miscellaneous Material – See Articles & Tracts by R.J. Fletcher
ƒ27 — Dead Sea Scrolls [news clippings]
ƒ28 — "Defence of the Faith and the Saints" by B.H. Roberts
ƒ29 — Doctor – Calling one in sickness
ƒ30 — Doctrines – Latter Day Saints – Miscellaneous
ƒ31 — Doctrine – Latter Day Saint – "The Fall"
ƒ32 — Doctrine – Latter Day Saint – "Atonement" – "Born Again" – "Salvation"
ƒ33 — Doctrine – Latter Day Saints – "Seven Sacraments"
ƒ34 — Doctrines – Restoration Churches : Hell, Prison House, Probation, Preaching to spirits in prison
ƒ35 — Doctrine of Blood Atonement – RLDS
ƒ36 — Doctrines – Utah Church
ƒ37 — Doctrine and Covenants – Miscellaneous Material
ƒ38 — Doctrine and Covenants – Changes in the revelation
ƒ39 — Doctrine and Covenants – Receiving revelations [news clippings]
ƒ40 — Drave's Group – "Church of Christ Established Anew"; "Church of Christ, With the Elijah Message"|
ƒ41 — Endowment – Miscellaneous Material
ƒ42 — Equal Rights Amendment
ƒ43 — Excommunication – Miscellaneous Material
ƒ44 — Extra (odd) sheets
ƒ45 — Factions of Restoration Movements – Miscellaneous Material
ƒ46 — Farrow, Percy E., "The Ebla Archaeological Discovery in Northern Syria, Parts I & II (1980)
ƒ47 — Film
ƒ48 — First Vision – Different Accounts
ƒ49 — First Vision – Pratt, O., Interesting Account; Allen, J.B., Eight Contemporary Accounts
ƒ50 — First Vision – No Revival in 1820
ƒ51 — First Vision – Miscellaneous Material
ƒ52 — Godhead – Criticism of V.H. Fisher's "The Godhead" by J.D. Wardle [typescript carbon, 15 p.]
ƒ53 — Godhead – Oneness
ƒ54 — Godhead – Miscellaneous Material
ƒ55 — Godhead – Jewish sources on
ƒ56 — Godhead – "The Godhead of the Restoration" by Charles R. Hield [typescript carbon, 1952, 37 p.]
ƒ57 — Godhead – Booklets by Eric T. Grass and Theodore Fitch
ƒ58 — The Group [Bible study meeting notices]
ƒ59 — Guatemala [news clippings]
ƒ60 — Harris, Martin
ƒ61 — Harris, Martin – 1830 Letter to W.W. Phelps [photocopy; related materials]
ƒ62 — History of Original Church – Published by Outside Sources
ƒ63 — Herod and Jesus
ƒ64 — Inspired Version – Miscellaneous Material

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