A Hymn by Benjamin B. Warfield
[from the service to install Robert Dick Wilson as Professor
of Semitic Philology at Princeton Theological Seminary,
21 September 1900.]


How glorious art thou, O our God!
      'Tis Thou and Thou alone
Who dwellest in Thy people's praise,
      On Thine eternal throne.

From Charran and Chaldean Ur,
      The River's banks along,
From Canaan's heights and Egypt's sands,
      Arose the constant song,-

From all the towns that stud the hills
      Of teeming Galilee,
From marts of Greece and misty lands
      Beyond the Western Sea.

How many voices, diff'ring tongues,
      Harmonious, join to raise
To Thee, O Rock of Israel,
      Accumulated praise!

Fain would we catch the accents strange,
      Fain train our ears to hear
The notes that hymn Thee, through the years,
      O Israel's Hope and Fear!

'Twas thou didst teach thy sons of old
      Thy varied laud to sing,
School Thou our hearts that we may too
      Our hallelujahs bring.

How glorious art Thou, O our God!
      How mighty past compare!
Thou dwellest in Thy people's praise,-
      Accept the praise we bear.

                       B.B. Warfield, D.D., LL.D.