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Henry Augustus Boardman
Synthetic Collection MS#108
Box #tbd

Content Summary: Published sermons and discourses by the Rev. Henry Augustus Boardman, who served as the second pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA, from 1833 until 1876. and as pastor emeritus from 1876 until his death in 1880.

Span dates: 1834 - 1881 Size: 0.5 cu. ft. (one box)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Administrative History:
This collection consists of materials gathered by the staff of the PCA Historical Center.

Archives Note: The Presbyterian Historical Society (Philadelphia) holds the Papers of the Rev. Henry A. Boardman as Record Group 333, consisting largely of sermons and correspondence, with span dates covering 1833-1880 (0.5 cu. ft.).

Rev. Henry Augustus Boardman
[9 January 1808 - 15 June 1880]

Preferred citation: Henry Augustus Boardman Miscellany Collection, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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ƒ02—Boardman, Henry A., 1834, Piety Essential to Man’s Temporal Prosperity. A Sermon delivered on the evening of February 16, 1834, before the “Philadelphia Young Men’s Society.” (Philadelphia: Printed by William F. Geddes, 1834), pb, 24pp.; 21 cm.

ƒ03—Boardman, Henry A., 1847, Pastoral Letter to the Tenth Presbyterian Church and Congregation, Philadelphia (s.l. : s.n., dated 15 December 1847), pb, 16pp.; 16 cm.; cover title : Dr. Boardman’s Pastoral Letter [two copies – one with a blue cover and one with a pink cover]

ƒ04—Boardman, Henry A., 1849, The Importance of Religion to the Legal Profession (Philadelphia : Published by Wm. S. Martien, 1849), 40pp.; 22.5 cm. [two copies]

ƒ05—Boardman, Henry A., 1852, A Discourse on the Life and Character of Daniel Webster (Philadelphia : Joseph M. Wilson, 1852), pb, disbound, 64pp.; 22 cm.

ƒ06—Boardman, Henry A., 1855, Address, published in Anniversary of The Merchant’s Fund; with the Report of the Board of Managers, and The Address of Henry A. Boardman, D.D. (Philadelphia : C. Sherman & Son, Printers, 1855), pp. 7-34 of 40pp.; 22 cm.; [two copies]

ƒ07—Boardman, Henry A., 1862, The Federal Judiciary, A Thanksgiving Discourse (Philadelphia : William S. & Alfred Martien, 1862), pb, 54pp.; 22.5 cm.

ƒ08—Boardman, Henry A., 1866, The General Assembly of 1866 (Philadelphia : J.B. Lippencott, 1867), pb, 124pp.; 23 cm.

ƒ09—Boardman, Henry A., 1867, The Scripture Doctrine of Rewards. A Sermon preached at The House of Refuge, Philadelphia, on Sunday, October 27, 1867, on the Occasion of the Death of William Shippen, M.D. (Philadelphia : Henry B. Ashmead, 1867), disbound, 29pp.; 23 cm.

ƒ10—Boardman, Henry A., 1873, Dr. Boardman’s Anniversary Sermons (Philadelphia : Inquirer Book and Job Print, 1873), hb, 176pp.; 22 cm.

ƒ11—Boardman, Henry A., 1876, Dr. Boardman’s Resignation (Philadelphia : Grant, Faires & Rodgers, Prs., 1876), pb, 24pp.; 18.5 cm. [two copies]

ƒ12—Boardman, Henry A., 1882, Mottoes for the New Year, as given, in Texts of Sermons preached in the Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia (Philadelphia : E. Claxton and Company, 1882), hb, 274pp.; 22.5 cm. [fourteen sermons]

ƒ13—Hodge, Archibald Alexander, 1881, Address at the Funeral of the Rev. Henry Augustus Boardman, D.D. (Philadelphia : The Chandler Printing House, 1881), pb, 69pp.; 24.5 cm.  [includes a bibliography of Dr. Boardman’s published works, appearing as a footnote on pages 53-57]

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