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Archibald Alexander Hodge

Synthetic Collection #117
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Content Summary: A synthetic collection gathered by the staff of the PCA Historical Center, consisting primarily of original publications, some of which may be considered scarce.

Span dates: Size: 0.7 cu. ft. (one box)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

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James A. and Pauline H. McAlpine Manuscript Collection, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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The Department of Archives and Special Collections at Princeton Theological Seminary houses the Archibald Alexander Hodge Manuscript collection, consisting of 13.3 linear feet of lectures, sermons, addresses, correspondence, examinations, genealogical materials, newspaper clippings and miscellany.

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ƒ01—Finding aid

hodgeAAArchibald Alexander Hodge
[07/18/1823 – 11/12/1886]

ƒ02—Hodge, A.A., 1857, The Substance of Four Sermons on Infant Baptism, by Rev. A.A. Hodge, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Fredericksburg, VA. Fredericksburg: Recorder Job Office, 1857. Pb, 46 p.; 21.5 cm. Accession #005a034019.

ƒ03—Hodge, A.A., 1864, Addresses at the Inauguration of Rev. A.A. Hodge, as professor of Didactic, Polemic & Historical Theology, in the Western Theological Seminary. Pittsburgh: Printed by James McMillin, Book and Job Printers, 147 Wood Street, 1864. Pb, 51 p.; 22 cm. Includes the Charge by Rev. James M. Platt, p. 3-20 and the Inaugural Address by Hodge, p. 21-51. Accession #005a034017.

ƒ04—Hodge, A.A., 1877. Addresses at the Inauguration of Rev. Archibald Alex. Hodge, D.D., LL.D., as Associate Professor of Didactic and Polemic Theology, in the Theological Seminary at Princeton, N.J., November 8, 1877. I. The Charge, by Rev. William M. Paxton, D.D. [p. 5-16]; II. The Inaugural Address [p. 17-39]. Accession #005a034017.

ƒ05—Hodge, A.A., 1878, The State and Religion. Annual Address before the Presbyterian Historical Society. Delivered in Philadelphia, May 2, 1878. Christian Statesman Tracts--No. 14. Accession #019a074000.
ƒ06—Hodge, A.A. 1879, Outlines of Theology. First published 1869, rewritten and enlarged, 1879; reprinted 1972 by The Banner of Truth Trust, London. Hb, 678 p.; 23 cm.

ƒ07—Hodge, A.A., 1881, Funeral Address at the Funeral of the Rev. Henry Augustus Boardman, D.D., June 21, 1880. Philadelphia, 1881. Pb, 69 p.; 24.5 cm. Note: Half of front cover is missing; pages are uncut. Accession #005a104000.

ƒ08—Hodge, A.A., 1886, "Complete in Him." Dr. Archibald Alexander Hodge's last sermon before the students of the Princeton Theological Seminary, October 26, 1886. To which is appended a sketch of his last conference talk. Printed [not published] as Reported by a Student. Princeton, NJ: The Priinceton Press, C.S. Robinson & Co. Steam Power Printers, 1887. Pb, 16 p.; 24 cm. #005a034015.

ƒ09—Hodge, A.A., 1886, The System of Theology contained in the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Opened and Explained. Text-Book of The Theological Summer School, Part I. Philadelphia: James A. Worden, Sec. of S-S Work, No. 1334 Chestnut Street, 1886. Pb, 78 p.; 18.5 cm. Accession #011a069000.

ƒ10—Hodge, A.A., 1887, Popular Lectures on Theological Themes. Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1887. Hb, 472 p.; 22 cm.

ƒ11—Hodge, A.A. and J. Aspinwall Hodge, The System of Theology contained in the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Opened and Explained. Part I.—Belief Concerning God., by Rev. A.A. Hodge, D.D.; Part II.—Duty Required of Man., by Rev. J. Aspinwall Hodge, D.D. New York: A.C. Armstrong & Son, 1888. [Bound photocopy]

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