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Clarence Edward Noble Macartney

Manuscript Collection #054
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Content Summary: This synthetic collection consists of a collection of Dr. Macartney's printed sermons date from 1931 to 1941.

Span dates: 1931-1941 Size: 0.5 cu. ft. (one box)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

macartneyDr. Clarence E. Macartney
[18 September 1879 – 20 February 1957]

Related Collections: This collection of materials housed at the PCA Historical Center consists of sermons and other materials gathered by the staff of the Historical Center for use by its researchers and patrons. The bulk of these materials have been graciously donated by the Rev. Ray Cannata, formerly pastor of Grace Community Church, Bridgewater, NJ, and now pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New Orleans, LA.

The Papers of Dr. Clarence E. Macartney are housed at Geneva College, 3200 College Avenue, Beaver Falls, PA 15010.

Collection highlights:
Dr. Macartney's comments on the suspension of J. Gresham Machen by the PCUSA. [Note: this document is located among the papers of Wm. A. McIlwaine, Box 479, file 45].

Administrative note: Dr. Macartney [18 September 1879 – 20 February 1957] began his ministry at the First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, PA on Sunday, 3 April 1927. This collection of his printed sermons date from 1931 to 1941 or are undated. All are from the period of his ministry at First. Unless otherwise noted, all of these sermons were donated to the PCA Historical Center by the Rev. Ray Cannata, pastor of Grace Community Church, Bridgewater, NJ.

ƒ01—Finding Aid
ƒ02—Macartney, Clarence E., A Church Not Ashamed of the Gospel, sermon, Mark 8:38, 10pp., undated
ƒ03—Macartney, Clarence E., A Good Name Plus a Good Conscience, sermon, III John 12, 14pp., undated
ƒ04—Macartney, Clarence E., A Man Who Talked to His Soul, sermon, Luke 12:19, 9 pp., undated
ƒ05—Macartney, Clarence E., "Adrift" "Drifting from her God," sermon, Heb. 2:2, 10pp., 27 November 1932.
ƒ06—Macartney, Clarence E., Alas, My Brother: The Man Who Won and Then Lost, sermon, 1 Kings 13:30; 11pp.; dated 28 June 1931
ƒ07—Macartney, Clarence E., Bible Epitaphs II, sermon, Acts 1:25, 12pp., 15 September 1935
ƒ08—Macartney, Clarence E., Bible Epitaphs V, sermon, Acts 12:23, 12pp., 9 February 1936
ƒ09—Macartney, Clarence E., "Bring Up Samuel," sermon, 1 Samuel 28:11, 15pp.; undated, "preached in Miller Chapel to the students of Princeton Theological Seminary"
ƒ10—Macartney, Clarence E., Cain and Abel: Two Brothers and Two Destinies, Genesis 4:8, 13pp.
ƒ11—Macartney, Clarence E., Christian Giving, sermon, 1 Corinthians 16:1; 16pp.; 1936 [2nd edition]
ƒ12—Macartney, Clarence E., Conscience, sermon, Mark 6:16, 13pp., undated
ƒ13—Macartney, Clarence E., Facing Life and Getting the Best of It: I. Getting the Best of Fear, sermon, Genesis 15:1 and Rev. 1:15, 10pp., 17 September 1939
ƒ14—Macartney, Clarence E., Five Drunkards of the Bible, sermon, Prov. 23.32, 15pp., undated
ƒ15—Macartney, Clarence E., For Her Sake, sermon, Mark 6:17,26, 9pp., 21 September 1930
ƒ16—Macartney, Clarence E., Future Punishment, sermon, Acts 24:25, 10pp., 15 December 1940
ƒ17—Macartney, Clarence E., Getting the Best of Doubt, sermon, Matthew 28:17, 11pp., 10 December 1939
ƒ18—Macartney, Clarence E., Getting the Best of Loneliness, sermon, Isaiah 63.3, 11pp., 5 November 1939
ƒ19—Macartney, Clarence E., Getting the Best of the Tongue, sermon, Prov. 21.23, 11pp., 19 November 1939
ƒ20—Macartney, Clarence E., God Makes No Mistakes, sermon, Genesis 50:20, 10pp., 27 November 1932
ƒ21—Macartney, Clarence E., Heroes and Heroines I Have Known, sermon, Romans 8:37, 11pp., undated
ƒ22—Macartney, Clarence E., How God Forgives Sin, sermon, Colossians 1:14, 11pp., undated
ƒ23—Macartney, Clarence E., I Believe His Soul Is Lost, sermon, Matthew 16:26, 11pp., undated
ƒ24—Macartney, Clarence E., In the Footsteps of St. John - III. "Thyatira and the Morning Star", sermon, Revelation 2:28; 14pp.; undated
ƒ25—Macartney, Clarence E., Joy and Peace in Believing, sermon, Romans 15:13, 10pp., 6 February 1938
ƒ26—Macartney, Clarence E., Judge Not, sermon, 1 Samuel 1:14; [11pp.]; undated
ƒ27—Macartney, Clarence E., Killed In A Summer House: The Sins and Temptations of the Summer. Preached at the First Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, Pa., Sunday evening, June 17, 1934. Text: Judges 3:20, 24. 10pp.
ƒ28—Macartney, Clarence E., King Agrippa: The Almost Christian, sermon, Acts 26:29, 12pp., undated
ƒ29—Macartney, Clarence E., May I Introduce My Friend?, sermon, John 13:1, 7pp., 16 February 1941 [2]
ƒ30—Macartney, Clarence E., Moses, sermon, Hebrews 11:27, 14pp., undated
ƒ31—Macartney, Clarence E., Naboth Not For Sale, sermon, 1 Kings 21, 14pp.; 1953 [from series on Bible Characters]
ƒ32—Macartney, Clarence E., Naomi - A Great Mother-in-Law, sermon, Ruth 1, 12 pp., undated
ƒ33—Macartney, Clarence E., On the Road to Repentance, sermon, Luke 23:40-43, 11pp., 29 March 1931
ƒ34—Macartney, Clarence E., Predestination, sermon, Acts 2:23, 12pp., 12 October 1930
ƒ35—Macartney, Clarence E., Repentance, sermon, Acts 20:21, 8pp., 18 October 1942
ƒ36—Macartney, Clarence E., The Doctrine of the Trinity, sermon, Deuteronomy 6:4 and 2 Corinthians 13:14, 18pp.; undated [No. 2 in the series For the Faith]
ƒ37—Macartney, Clarence E., The Everlasting Gospel, sermon, Revelation 14:6, 12pp.; undated
ƒ38—Macartney, Clarence E., The Fear of God, sermon, Luke 12:5-7, 10pp., undated
ƒ39—Macartney, Clarence E., The Five Fools of the Bible [re: Ps 14:1; 2 Sam 3:33; Lk 12:20; 1 Cor 15:35; 1 Cor 4:10], 32pp., undated, addresses from the Tuesday Noon Club, includes portrait of C.E. Macartney
ƒ40—Macartney, Clarence E., The Great Revolt Against Rationalism in the Protestant Church, sermon, Judges 6:14, 15pp.; undated [No. 7 in the series For the Faith]
ƒ41—Macartney, Clarence E., The Next Day Chios, sermon, Acts 20:15, 10pp., 19 September 1937
ƒ42—Macartney, Clarence E., The Way of a Man with a Maid: III. Isaac and Rebekah--Jacob and Rachel, sermon, Genesis 24:58 and 29:20, 10 May 1931
ƒ43—Macartney, Clarence E., What Wilt Thou That I Should Do Unto Thee?, sermon, Mark 10:51, 11pp.,
18 September 1932

Also on file in the Historical Center—
(1) Dr. Macartney's autobiography, The Making of a Minister (Great Neck, NY: Channel Press, 1961), 224pp.

(2) Macartney, Clarence Edward, “Period of the General Synod, 1717-1788,” in The Journal of the Department of History (of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.), 15.1 (March 1932) 18-30.

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