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Hay Watson Smith
Synthetic Collection #069
Box #tba

Content Summary: Newsclippings, articles and other materials by or about a controversial figure in the Southern Presbyterian Church. The Rev. Hay Watson Smith had adopted strong views in favor of the theory of evolution and the resulting ecclesiastical case set precedents which made it difficult, if not impossible, to pursue discipline on doctrinal matters in the PCUS thereafter.

Span dates: 1917-1934 Size: 0.25 cu. ft. (one box)

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Hay Watson Smith Synthetic Collection, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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Hay Watson Smith
Hay Watson Smith
[02/18/1868 - 01/20/1940]

Administrative History: Most of the materials in this collection were gathered by Jeffrey Brannen, then a student at the University of Central Arkansas, in preparation for a senior thesis, specifically files 6 – 14 and 24-25. Additional materials, in files 9, 16-18, 20 and 23 were provided by Dr. Sean Michael Lucas [02/19/08]. Most recently, an original copy of Evolution and Presbyterianism was added to the collection 27 March 2015.

ƒ01—Finding Aid

ƒ02—Arkansas Democrat, 1927, Various articles appearing in February issues, including 1. "House Renews Fiery Battle On Evolution," [3 February]; 2. "Second Open Meeting Held On Evolution: No Decision Reached at House Committee Hearing," [3 February]; 3. "University Students Protest Anti-Evolution Measure in Letter Sent to Legislators," [3 February]; 4. "Anti-Evolution Bills Opposed By Committee: Only One Member of House Body Signs Minority Report," [4 February]; 5. "Anti-Evolutionist Challenges Debate," [5 February]; 6. "Evolution Issue Will Be Debated," [8 February]; 7. "House Delays Final Action On Evolution: Rotenberry Measure is Made Special Order for Wednesday," [8 February]; 8. "Evolution is Debate Subject: Crowd Hears Discussion By Minister and Attorney," [9 February]; 9. "Finish Fight On Evolution Before House," [9 February]; 10. "Bill Is Tabled Upon Reaching Upper House: Rotenberry Plan Lost in Chorus of 'Noes' on Viva Voce Vote," [10 February]; 11. "Anti-Evolution Laws Opposed By Churchmen: Methodist Educators at Memphis Meet, Say Move Hurts Cause," [11 February]; 12. "The Senate Rises to the Occasion," [11 February]; 13. "Disposal of Anti-Evolution Question Is Most Important Action of House During Week," [13 February]; 14. "Senate Deals Death Blow to Reconsidering,"

ƒ03—Arkansas Democrat, 1927, Various articles appearing in January issues, including
1. "Educators to Oppose Laws On Evolution," [1 January]; 2. "'Monkey Business,'" [13 January]; 3. "Second Bill On Evolution Before House," [13 January]; 4. "Pastor Opposes Evolution Bill: Freedom of Thought and Speech Urged by Minister," [17 January]; 5. "Scopes Trial Gigantic Hoax, Reporter Says: Teacher 'Skipped' Lesson on Which Entire Case Was Based," [17 January]; 6. "Tennessee's Highest Court Decides," [17 January]; 7. "The Scopes Trial a 'Hoax'," [20 January]; 8. "Professors at University Urge Solons Not to Adopt Anti-Evolution Legislation," [23 January]; 9. "To Hold Hearing On Evolution Bill," [27 January]; 10. "A Baptist Leader Speaks," [28 January]; 11. "Neighbors Join Tennessee in Speeding End of Squabble Over Its 'Monkey Law'," [31 January]

ƒ04—Arkansas Gazette, 1927, Various articles appearing in February issues, including 1. "House Condemns Bogard's Warning: Minister's Threat to Defeat Opponents of Evolution Bill Scored by Resolution," [3 February]; 2. "Is No Quorum For Evolution Hearing: Only Four of House Committee Present for Discussion of Bill," [3 February]; 3. "Evolution Bill's Defeat Favored: Committee on Education Makes Unfavorable Report to the House," [4 February]; 4. "Students Protest Ban On Evolution: Declare Proposed Law Would Seriously Handicap Arkansas University," [4 February]; 5. "Anti-Evolutionists Beaten In Missouri: House Decides Against Bill to Prohibit Teaching of Theory," [9 February]; 6. "Minister, Lawyer Debate Evolution: Dr. Bogard Says Theory Has Produced Field Full of Infidels," [9 February]; 7. Texas Minister [F.Z. Browne] Replies to Dr. Smith on Evolution [9 February]; 8. "Evolution Bill Is Passed By House," [10 February]; 9. "Churchmen Frown On Evolution Ban: Methodist Educators Oppose Interference by Legislators," [11 February]; 10. "Evolution Bill Is Killed In Senate," [11 February]; 11. Woman Gives Facts Overlooked in Evolution Discussion [11 February]; 12. "Arkansas And Evolution," [12 February]; 13. "From the People: Dr. Smith Replies to Texarkana Minister On Evolution," [12 February]; 14. "Evolution Bill Is Given Its Quietus," [16 February];

ƒ05—Arkansas Gazette, 1927, Various articles appearing in January issues, including 1. "Protests Against an Evolution Bill: Rev. Haw Watson Smith Gives Reasons for Opposing Proposed Measure," [9 January]; 2. "From the People: Anti-Evolution Law is Favored," [9 January]; 3. "Evolution Subject of Local Minister: 'There is No Common Ground of Compromise,' Says Dr. Waller," [10 January]; 4. "Tennessee Ban On Evolution Lawful: State Supreme Court Dismisses Charges Against Scopes," [16 January]; 5. "Divine Discusses Evolution Theory: Dr. Hay Watson Smith Says People Should Reach Own Conclusion," [17 January]; 6. "Educators Oppose Ban on Evolution: Members of University of Arkansas Faculty Send Protest to Legislature," [23 January]; 7. "With Evolution, So It Was With Other Science," [30 January]

ƒ06—Arkansas News [online journal], 1993, Spring issue, "When Surrounded by Criticism and Controversy Rev. Hay Watson Smith Held to His Convictions" [http://www.oldstatehouse.com/educational_programs/classroom/arkansas_news/detail.asp?id=545&issue_id=29&page=6]

ƒ07—Arkansas Presbytery, 1931, Minutes of the Fall Stated Meeting, November 10-11 [photocopy]

ƒ08—Bibliography for Hay Watson Smith.

ƒ09—Biographical entries from Arkansas and Its People—A History, vol. 3, pp. 207 and Centennial History of Arkansas, pp. 839.

ƒ10—Biographical Entries, from Arkansas & Its People, Volume 3, page 217; etc.

ƒ11—Brannen, Jeffrey, 2004, "Hay Watson Smith and the 1927 Anti-Evolution Legislation in Arkansas: An Investigation of a Modernist Presbyterian in a Conservative Church and State."

ƒ12—Coleman, Charles T., et al., 1927, "The Charge, The Facts, and The Resolutions"

ƒ13—Dillard, E.A., 1945, "Southern Presbyterian Apostacy: I. The Hay Watson Smith Case," appearing in The Clarion, January through March issues, volume 1, numbers 6 – 8 [6pp. total]

ƒ14—Smith Family History and Genealogical Data; Finding Aid for Henry Smith Richardson Papers at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

ƒ15—McJunkin, J.E. (James Eugene, 1881-1948) and A. Killough (Algernon, 1894-1977), "Evidence showing that the findings of the Commission of Arkansas Presbytery, appointed in 1929 to investigate the rumors touching the doctrinal unsoundness of Rev. Dr. Hay Watson Smith, were in direct contradiction of plain, abundant, and incontestable evidence in the hands of said Commission, which evidence showed that said rumors were well-grounded; and that the actions of Arkansas Presbytery in 1929, and again in 1931, based upon said report of its Commission, were in violation of the [PCUS] Book of Church Order, Paragraph 183."

ƒ16—McPheeter, William M., 1934, Facts revealed by the records in the so-called investigation of the rumors abroad concerning the soundness in the faith of Rev. Dr. Hay Watson Smith [119 p.; photocopy]

ƒ17—McPheeters, William M., 1931, "The Facts in the Case of Dr. Hay Watson Smith and Arkansas Presbytery [photocopy]

ƒ18—Presbyterian Church in the United States, 1929-1934, Relevant pages from the Minutes of General Assembly; also, pp. 337-338 from A Digest of the Acts and Proceedings of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States, 1861-1965. [photocopies]

ƒ19—Presbyterian Church U.S., 1929 – 1934, Minutes of General Assembly [photocopies of pages relevant to the Smith case]

ƒ20—Presbyterian Integrity Website, 2004, "The Biblical Ethic of Two or Three Witnesses," [www.presbyterianintegrity] , includes commentary on relevance of Hay Watson Smith case

ƒ21—Robertson, J.P. (Jerome Pillow, 1862-1936), "Open Letter to Dr. Hay Watson Smith," dated 16 August 1929. [photocopy]

ƒ22—Smith, Frank J., "Presbyterians & Evolution in the 19th Century: The Case of James Woodrow," Contra Mundum, Number 6, Winter 1993, pages 16-17, re: Hay Watson Smith case

ƒ23—Smith, Hay Watson, "Buzzards," 1917, Review of Hay Watson Smith Sermon, appearing in The Arkansas Gazette, 24 July 1917, page number not specified

ƒ24—Smith, Hay Watson, 1896, "The Fifteenth Chapter of Luke," in The Union Seminary Magazine 8.2 (Nov./Dec. 1896);104-110. [photocopy]

ƒ25—Smith, Hay Watson, 1917, "Buzzards" – sermon review published in The Arkansas Gazette, 24 July 1917 [photocopy; page number not available]

ƒ26—Smith, Hay Watson, 1922, Evolution and Presbyterianism, (Little Rock, AR: Allsopp and Chapple), 115pp. [one original copy and one photocopy]

ƒ27—Smith, Hay Watson, 1927, Letter to Dr. Robert Dick Wilson, dated 1 February [1 p., photocopy from original in the Robert Dick Wilson Manuscript Collection]

ƒ28—Smith, Hay Watson, 1928, Some Facts About Evolution [pamphlet, 28pp., photocopy]

ƒ29—Smith, Hay Watson, 1930, Prestige and Perquisites, (self-published), 18pp. [photocopy]

ƒ30—Smith, Morton H., 1973, How is the Gold become Dim, pages 84-85 [re: Hay Watson Smith]

ƒ31—State of Arkansas, 1928, Anti-Evolution Law [text]

ƒ32—Synod of Arkansas, 1930 – 1932, Minutes of 78th and 79th Annual Sessions

ƒ33—Thompson, Ernest Trice, 1973, Presbyterians in the South, Volume 3, pages 227 and 329-330, re: Hay Watson Smith

ƒ34—Williamson, J. Gaston, 1989, A Concise History of Second Presbyterian Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, 1882 – 1988. [booklet, 52pp.; see esp. pp. 9-10.]

ƒ35—Report of the Little Rock Vice Commission, May 20, 1913, and the Order of May Chas. E. Taylor to close all resorts in Little Rock by August 25, 1913. See the note at the bottom of page 2: "The commission desires to express its appreciation of the work of its Secretary, the Rev. Hay Watson Smith, who prepared this report."


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