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Gardiner Spring
Synthetic Collection #147
Box #tba

Content Summary: Original publications issued by the Rev. Gardiner Spring, as collected by the staff of the PCA Historical Center.

Span dates: 1816-1860 Size: 0.5 cu. ft. (one box)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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ƒ01—Finding Aid

ƒ02—Spring, Gardiner, 1816, Something Must Be Done. New York: Dodge & Sayre, 1816. Accession #010a032000. A PDF is available, as prepared from the original print copy.

ƒ03—Spring, Gardiner, 1820, Memoirs of the Rev. Samuel J. Mills, Late Missionary to the south western section of the United States, and agent of the American Colonization Society, deputed to explore the coast of Africa. New York: Published by the New-York Evangelical Missionary Society, 1820. Hb, 247 p.; 24 cm.; lacking front cover. Accession #016a053000.

ƒ04—Spring, Gardiner, 1821, A Tribute to New-England: A Sermon delivered before The New-England Society of the City and State of New-York, on the 22d of December, 1820, being the Second Centennial Celebration of the Landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth. New-York: Published by L&F Lockwood, J. Seymour, Printer, 1821. Accession #010a046000.

ƒ05—Spring, Gardiner, 1844, A Dissertation on the Rule of Faith; delivered at Cincinnati, Ohio, at the Semi-Annual Meeting of the American Bible Society. New York: Leavitt, Trow, & Co., 194 Broadway, MDCCCXLIV. Pb, 104 p.; 23 cm. Front cover detached.

ƒ06—Spring, Gardiner, 1847, The Bible Not of Man : or, The Argument for the Divine Origin of the Sacred Scriptures, drawn from the Scriptures Themselves. (New York : American Tract Society, 319pp. Accession #006a091000.

ƒ07—Spring, Gardiner, 1854, Paul's Argument for Home Missions. A Discourse preached by the appointment of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, at their Annual Meeting in the City of Buffalo, New York, in May, 1854. Philadelphia: Published by the Board of Missions, 1854. Pb, string-bound, 31 p.; 23 cm. Missing paper wrapper (cover) on the back side. Accession #014a120000.

ƒ08—Spring, Gardiner, 1860, The Obligations of the World to the Bible. A Series of Lectures to Young Men. Glasgow: William Collins, 1860. Leather spine and corners, 320 p.; 19 cm. Donation of Dr. George P. Hutchinson. Accession #010084041.

ƒ09—Spring, Gardiner, 1967, The Distinguishing Traits of Christian Character. Philadelphia, PA: Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing, 1967. Pb, 80 p.; 21 cm. Foreword by Ernest Reisinger and Albert N. Martin.

ƒ10—Spring, Gardiner, undated, The Bible Not of Man. Published with The Religion of the Bible, by Thomas H. Skinner. Glasgow: Published by William Collins, n.d. Hb, 331 p.; 20 cm. Donation of Dr. David B. Calhoun. Accession #014a070001.

ƒ11—Spring, Gardiner, undated, The Extent of the Missionary Enterprise. Missionary Paper No. 21. Disbound copy, 24 p.; 18 cm.