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Ernest Trice Thompson
Manuscript Collection #227
Box #26-02-05

Content Summary: Collection consists of a small portion of the works authored by the Rev. Dr. Ernest Trice Thompson. This is a synthetic collection gathered by the staff of the PCA Historical Center, intended as a resource augmenting the Center's larger collection emphases.

Span dates: 1934-1966 Size: 0.5 cu. ft. (one box)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Ernest Trice Thompson Synthetic Collection, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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Union Theological Seminary in Virginia.

thompson, e.t.
Dr. Ernest Trice Thompson
[07/02/1894 - 03/29/1985]

Ernest Trice Thompson: An Appreciation. Richmond: Union Theological Seminary, 1964. Pb, 52 p.; 26 cm. Accession #019a126016.


Presbyterian Missions in the Southern United States. Richmond, VA: Presbyterian Committee of Publication, 1934. Pb, 281 p.; 20 cm. #3725 in A Presbyterian Bibliography, by Harold Prince (hereafter, HP).

Changing Emphases in American Preaching. Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1943. The Stone Lectures for 1943. Hb, 234 p.; 21 cm. HP#3714. Accession #008a106064.

The Changing South and the Presbyterian Church in the United States. Richmond, VA: John Knox Press, 1950. Pb, 221 p.; 21 cm. HP#3715. Accession #008a106029.

Jesus' Teachings on Citizenship. [Philadelphia?]: The National Council of Presbyterian Women's Organizations, 1957. Pb, 48 p.; 22 cm. Not listed in Parker; see related HP#3720.

Tomorrow's Church – Tomorrow's World. Richmond, VA: John Knox Press, 1960. Pb, 128 p.; 21 cm. HP#3733. Accession #008a106063.

The Spirituality of the Church: A Distinctive Doctrine of the Presbyterian Church in the United States. Richmond: John Knox Press, 1961. Pb, 48 p. HP#3729. [photocopy only at present]

Presbyterians in the South. Richmond, VA: John Knox Press, 1963-1973. Three volumes. HP#3726.

Plenty and Want: The Responsibility of the Church. Nashville, TN: Joint Session of Witness, Presbyterian Church U.S., 1966. Pb, 114 p.; 21 cm. HP#3723.