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Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield

Manuscript Collection #100
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Content Summary: aThis collection was built initially on a small portion of the widely available reprints of Warfield's works. Additional donations have added some depth to the collection, including original tracts and offprints, as well as further addition of photocopies of more obscure articles. The focus of the collection would now have to be three original photographs, one of which is pictured at the right. The other two photographs are two poses from the same photographic sitting, dated 9 April 1867.

Span dates: 1864-2007 Size: 1.0 cu. ft.

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield Synthetic Collection, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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bbwarfield1867Benjamin B. Warfield at age 13.
[from an original photograph in
the PCA Historical Center,
dated 20 January 1864.]

The Papers of B.B. Warfield are preserved in the Special Collections Department of the Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ.


ƒ01—Finding Aid

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ƒ18—Warfield, B.B., 1889, "Presbyterian Deaconesses," Presbyterian Review 10.2 (April 1889): 283-293. [photocopy; online: http://www.pcahistory.org/findingaids/warfield/deaconesses-1889.pdf]

ƒ19—Warfield, B.B., 1889, "The New Creed of The Presbyterian Church of England," The Presbyterian Review 10.1 (January 1889): 115-124. [photocopy]

ƒ20—Warfield, B.B., 1890, "True Church Unity: What It Is," in The Homiletic Review 20.6 (December 1890): 485-489. [photocopy]

ƒ21—Warfield, B.B., 1890, On The Revision of the Confession of Faith (New York: Anson D.F. Randolph 1890), 91pp. [a digital edition has also been prepared by the staff of the PCA Historical Center]

ƒ22—Warfield, B.B., 1891, "The Present Problem of Inspiration," The Homiletic Review 21.5 (May 1891): 410-416. [photocopy; digital formats]

ƒ23—Warfield, B.B., 1900, "Revision or Reaffirmation?," unfolded single-sheet tract, 17.5 cm. h. x 22.7 cm. w., dated 25 June 1900, 4 p. Photographic scans of this tract are available online at http://www.pcahistory.org/documents/subscription/warfield.html

ƒ24—Warfield, B.B., 1903, The Power of God Unto Salvation (Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath-School Work, 1903), hb, 254 p.; 19 cm. [Note: Published as part of the "Presbyterian Pulpit" series]

ƒ25—Warfield, B.B., 1906, "The Princeton Seminary of the Future" New York Observer (10 May 1906), 2 p. [photocopy and transcription]

ƒ26—Warfield, B.B., 1910, Letter to the Supervising Committee of the Board of Directors of Princeton Theological Seminary, September, 1910 (s.l.: s.n., September 1910), 12 p.; 20 cm.

ƒ27—Warfield, B.B., 1911, "The Religious Life of Students" (Greenville, SC: Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, n..d.), pb, 14pp. Originally delivered by Dr. Warifeld at the Autumn Conference at Princeton Theological Seminary on 4 October 1911. Reprinted in The Shorter Writings.

ƒ28—Warfield, B.B., 1913-1914, "The Importunate Widow and the Alleged Failure of Faith," The Expository Times 25 (1913-1914): 69-72 and 136-139 [photocopy]

ƒ29—Warfield, B.B., 1914, The Allotment of Time to The Several Professors: Where Does the Responsibility Lie?—An Inquiry (Princeton: Privately Printed, 1914), 11 p.; 22 cm.

ƒ30—Warfield, B.B., 1914, The Expansion of the Seminary: A Historical Sketch (Princeton: Privately Printed, 1914), pb, 23 p.; 22 cm.

ƒ31—Warfield, B.B., 1918, The Foundations of the Sabbath in the Word of God: An Address (Glasgow: N. Adshead & Son, Printers and Bookbinders, 11 Union Street, 1918), 14 p.; 21.5 cm. Also in this folder, undated reprint by the Lord's Day Observance Society, London, 16 p.

ƒ32—Warfield, B.B., 1920, "Albert Ritschl and His Doctrine of Christian Perfection," offprint from The Princeton Theological Review 18.1 (January 1920): 44-102.

ƒ33—Warfield, B.B., 1920, "Miserable Sinner Christianity" In the Hands of the Rationalists, offprint from The Princeton Theological Review 18.3 (July 1920): 399-459.

ƒ34—Warfield, B.B., 1920, Christian Baptism (Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath School Work, 1920), tract, 8 p.; 17 cm.

ƒ35—Warfield, B.B., 1932, Critical Reviews (Oxford University Press: New York, 1932), 487 pp.

ƒ36—Warfield, B.B., 1941, Revelation and Inspiration: An Abridgment of Monographs (London: The Inter-Varsity Fellowship of Evangelical Unions, 1941), pb, vi, 7-31 p.; 18 cm.

ƒ37—Warfield, B.B., 1956, Calvin and Augustine (The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company: Philadelphia, 1956), 507 pp.

ƒ38—Warfield, B.B., 1962, Limited Inspiration, (Philadelphia: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, 1962), pb, 32 pp.; 22 cm. Introduction by Marcellus J. Kik. Originally published as "Professor Henry Preserved Smith, on Inspiration," in The Presbyterian and Reformed Review 5.20 (October 1894): 600-653.

ƒ39—Warfield, B.B., 1968, Biblical and Theological Studies (The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company: Philadelphia, 1968), 580 pp.

ƒ40—Warfield, B.B., 1970, Selected Writings, Volume I (Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company: Phillipsburg, 1970, 3 rd Printing), 494 pp.

ƒ41—Warfield, B.B., 1970, Selected Writings, Volume II (Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company : Phillipsburg, 1970, 3 rd Printing), 750 pp.

ƒ42—Warfield, B.B., 1970, The Person and Work of Christ (The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company: Philadelphia, 1970), 575 pp.

ƒ43—Warfield, B.B., 1970, The Plan of Salvation (Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans, Revised edition, seventh printing, 1970), pb, 112 pp.

ƒ44—Warfield, B.B., 1974, Perfectionism (The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company: Philadelphia, 1974), 464 pp.

ƒ45—Warfield, B.B., 1986, Counterfeit Miracles (Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 1972, 3d reprint, 1986; first published 1918), pb, 327 p.; 18 cm. Note: "This volume contains the Thomas Smyth Lectures for 1917-1918 delivered at the Columbia Theological Seminary, Columbia, South Carolina, October 4-10, 1917..."


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