Copy Policy
How to Request Copies of Documents or Images Located on this site:

Basic Guidelines ----- Restrictions ----- Copy Pricing

Basic Guidelines:
1. After researching the collection indexes and/or using the search engine to locate your materials, please contact the Director of the PCA Historical Center and place your request.
2. We may then reply with more information about the files that you are requesting, how many pages are involved, etc., in order to confirm your order and to make sure that we are supplying precisely what you need.
3. If you will also state the nature of your research and what you are looking for, we may also be able to locate additional materials of interest.

General Strictures on copying:
No more than 20% of the total of any one collection may be photocopied.
Copies made from any of the collections at the PCA Historical Center are intended for personal research only and should not to be placed at other archives.

Copyright: The purchaser is responsible for observing all copyright law in relation to any documents copied.

Restrictions on Specific Materials:
You should be aware that some materials are under restricted access and may not be copied.
These restrictions are detailed below.
  • Presbytery and Session records are held as restricted materials, due to the nature of the pastoral issues that may be discussed within these records, and so are normally available only to verified members of those bodies. The usual length of this viewing restriction is fifty years from the date of origin, unless otherwise noted. Researchers who desire to examine specific records should first contact the Stated Clerk of the Presbytery or Session in question, requesting a letter of written permission. [We will be happy to supply you with the proper addresses.] The original of this letter should be sent by the Stated Clerk directly to the PCA Historical Center and upon receipt, those specific records can then be made available.
  • A relative few collections are either in part or in whole under a viewing restriction due to their sensitive content. Outside of Presbytery and Session records, perhaps less than 1% of the Center's holdings fall into this category. Where they occur, these restrictions are prominently posted in the finding aids of the Collection.

Pricing Structures:
Minimum order is $5.00.
Actual postage or shipping costs will be additional to the order total.

Order information for copies:
Category Price
Photocopies $0.30 per page
Transcription [of fragile documents, etc.] $25.00 per page
Digital scan of images or pages, for private use [jpg file @ 100 dpi] $10.00 per scan
Photographic paper prints of images, for private use, 4" x 6" size prints: $5.00 per each
------"--------"----"----"---"-----"----"----"-, 8" x 10" size prints: $10.00 per each
Electronic text preparation, for private use only [MS Word or pdf format] $10.00 per page
Digital scan of pictures for commercial use [jpg file @ 300 dpi] $75.00 per each scan
Digital scan of pictures for commercial use [.tiff file @ 300 dpi or higher] $100.00 per each scan
Electronic text preparation, for commerical reproduction $50.00 per each page
Minimum order is $5.00. - Postage/shipping is not included in the rates shown above.
Payment should be made by check, made to the PCA Historical Center, 12330 Conway Road, St. Louis, MO 63141
Please contact the Center's director for arrangements if you need to make payment electronically.