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Bible Presbyterian Church Records

Record Group #003
Box #121 and 470

Content Summary: Minutes, correspondence, and publications of the Bible Presbyterian Church. The bulk of the items relate to the period from organization in 1937 to the division of 1956.

Span dates: 1937-1974 Size: 2.0 cu. ft. (two boxes)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

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PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.


Related Collections: Minutes of the Bible Presbyterian Church, 1937 - 1955; Minutes of the Bible Presbyterian Church, Columbus Synod, 1956 - 1961; see also, Minutes of the Bible Presbyterian Church, Collingswood Synod, 1956 - 1984 and Minutes of the Bible Presbyterian Church, General Synod (Tacoma) 1984 - [ongoing]


Moderators of General Synod for the Bible Presbyterian Church, 1938-1955; Columbus Synod, 1956-1961.
Overview of the General Synods, with accompanying photographs for most years, 1942-1955.

Box 123

ƒ01—Finding Aid
ƒ45—11th General Synod, 1948, Delegate Expense Correspondence and Records
ƒ47—11th General Synod, 1948, Delegate Expense Records,
ƒ48—12th General Synod, 1949, Judicial Report, re: Lester R. Bachman,
ƒ50—13th General Synod, 1950, Docket and Directory
ƒ49—13th General Synod, 1950, Treasurer's Reports
ƒ51—14th General Synod, 1951, Reports
ƒ52—16th General Synod, 1953, Reports
ƒ53—18th General Synod, 1955, Statistics
ƒ54—20th General Synod, 1956
ƒ55—21st General Synod, 1957, Reports
ƒ56—22nd General Synod, 1958, Reports
ƒ57—25th General Synod, 1961
ƒ58—28th General Synod, 1964
ƒ59—28th General Synod, Delegates
ƒ46—06th General Synod, 1943
ƒ02—Agapetus, Emanuel
ƒ03—Allen, Stanley P.
ƒ04—American Council of Christian Churches (ACCC)
ƒ80—Andres, Lawrence, Sermons
ƒ79—Apostles Creed, Report of the Committee on the Use of the
ƒ05—Arendt, Samuel
ƒ06—Auffarth, George A., Sr.
ƒ82—Bachman Complaint, Judicial Commission Report, May 1949
ƒ42—Bank Deposit Slips
ƒ43—Bank Statements, 1947 – 1951
ƒ08—Bible Presbyterian Church of Baltimore
ƒ09—Bible Presbyterian Church of Charlotte
ƒ31—Bible Presbyterian Church of Duryea, PA
ƒ10—Bible Presbyterian Church of Newark, Sixth Annual Report
ƒ14—Bible Presbyterian Church, Calendar, 1955
ƒ11—Book of Discipline and the Guide to Worship
ƒ12—Buswell, J. Oliver, Jr., "Cultural Ethos of Primitive Tribes," [reprint]
ƒ13—Buswell, J. Oliver, Jr., "Liberalism in Presbyterian and Congregational Churches"
ƒ15—Campbell, Sanders F.
ƒ16—Chase, Philip
ƒ44—Checkbook Stubs, 1947 – 1951
ƒ17—Christian Training, Inc.
ƒ18—Christian, George S., Articles about the Division of 1955
ƒ19—Clark, J. Philip
ƒ32—Clowney, Edmund P., "The Biblical Basis of the Necessity of Seeking Ecclesiastical Union," [article]
ƒ20—Cochran, Nickles
ƒ21—Collins, Winslow A.
ƒ22—Constitution and By-Laws
ƒ23—Covenant Theological Seminary, Robert Woodson letter to faculty, 19?
ƒ24—Cox, Robert H.
ƒ25—Cross, Thomas G.
ƒ26—Davies, Robert M.
ƒ27—Dayton, Orlo H.
ƒ28—Derk, Carl, Doctrinal Statement, 1960
ƒ29—Donaldson, LaVern
ƒ30—Droppa, Ernest A.
ƒ33—Educational Materials
ƒ34—Faith Theological Seminary, location of the archives of the Bible Presbyterian Church
ƒ35—Faucette, William C.
ƒ36—Fifer, Albert M.
ƒ38—Fincke, George
ƒ37—First Bible Presbyterian Church of St. Louis, MO
ƒ39—Floge, William G.
ƒ40—Foxwell, Philip
ƒ41—General Correspondence, 1950 – 1976
ƒ63—General Synod, Correspondence and Vouchers, 1948 – 1950
ƒ62—General Synod, Receipts and Disbursements
ƒ66—Independent Board for Foreign Missions, Miscellaneous
ƒ67—Independent Board for Foreign Missions, Statement of Policies, 1958 – 1961
ƒ77—Judicial Commission of General Synod
ƒ68—Manrose, Lawrence
ƒ69—McIntire, Carl, Letters to Bible Presbyterian Churches, 1957
ƒ70—McIntire, Carl, Pamphlets: 1. Russia's Most Effective Fifth Column in America [1948, 36 p.]; 2. The Truth About The Federal Council of Churches and the Kingdom of God [1950, 29 p.]; 3. Building the Superchurch versus Preserving the Old Faith [1953, 32 p.]
ƒ65—Ministers by Presbyteries, 1945
ƒ72—Ministers of the Bible Presbyterian Church, 1944
ƒ71—Missionary Conferences, Programs, 1951 – 1954
ƒ73—National Missions Committee, Reports, 1959
ƒ74—Newspaper clippings
ƒ76—Presbyterianism and Separation, Pamphlets concerning
ƒ75—Pamphlets, Miscellaneous
ƒ60—Pro-re nata Meeting, January 6, 1948
ƒ83—Pro-re nata Meeting, January 6, 1948
ƒ61—Pro-re nata Meeting, January 6, 1948, Minutes
ƒ78—RPCNA, GS Standards of Government, Discipline and Worship
ƒ07—Shelton College, "A Bible Presbyterian Review," January and February 1952
ƒ81—Soltau, George, Letter to Board of Trustees of Covenant College, re: Seminary's future, 1964
ƒ64—Standing Rules of the Bible Presbyterian Church
ƒ84—Tacoma Bible Presbyterian Church, Withdrawal of
ƒ85—University of Washington vs. Calvary Bible Presbyterian Church, Appeal from Superior Court
ƒ86—Witness and Work
ƒ87—Women's Synodical, 1951 – 1960, Reports
ƒ88—World Presbyterian Missions, Know Your Missionary Program

Box 470

ƒ01—Finding Aid
ƒ02—Christian, George S., Let's Not Talk About a Split in the BPC, an open letter to Dr. Carl McIntire; Can We Improve the 20 th Century Reformation?
ƒ03—Correspondence, July – September 1955
ƒ04—Correspondence, October – December 1955
ƒ05—Correspondence, January – March 1956
ƒ06—Correspondence, April – September 1956
ƒ07—Correspondence, October 1956
ƒ08—Correspondence, November – December 1956
ƒ09—Correspondence, 1957
ƒ10—Bunzel, Claude, Giving Accurate Information to the People, an open letter
ƒ11—Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missionaries, 1958 – 1961
ƒ12—Judicial Commission, 1956
ƒ13—Meeting at Faith Seminary, Minutes, March 26, 1956
ƒ14—New Jersey Presbytery, Minutes, May 12, 1956
ƒ16—The Bible Presbyterian Observer, December 1955, March and April 1956
ƒ17—The Christian Beacon, Supplement, May 12, 1955
ƒ18—The Free Press, Volume 1, Numbers 1 and 2, 1955
ƒ19—The Free Press, Volume 1, Numbers 3 and 4, 1955 and 1956
ƒ20—The Free Press, Volume 1, Numbers 5 and 6, 1956
ƒ21—The Free Press, Volume 1, Numbers 7 and 8, 1956
ƒ22—The Free Press, Volume 2, Numbers 1 and 2, 1956
ƒ23—The Free Press, Volume 2, Numbers 3 and 4, 1956
ƒ24—The Free Press, Volume 2, Numbers 5 and 6, 1957
ƒ25—The Free Press, Volume 3, Numbers 1 and 2, 1958
ƒ26—The Free Press, Volume 4, Number 1, 1959
ƒ27—The Free Press, Volume 5, Number 1, 1961
ƒ28—Secret Societies , Report, n.d.

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