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[146th General Synod Minutes, 14 May 1968, pp. 25-27; Documents of Synod, pp. 388.]

Rev. Will Barker presented the report of the Committee on Racial Questions.


I Corinthians 6:15-16; 7:16, 39. These verses relate to the subject of intermarriage, especially the last verse,
and the last clause: "only in the Lord." It is striking that in all of Paul's discussion of marriage this is the one
principle that is stressed in regard to whom one should marry. This is not to say that marriage to any Christian is necessarily expedient, but the only marriage clearly prohibited is that of a believer to an unbeliever. The Bible does not teach that interracial marriage of believers is morally wrong. We do recognize that children of a mixed marriage born into a prejudiced society face a serious problem of identity. This problem of identity is largely overcome, however, where the commitment to Christ is uppermost and where the church welcomes all who are in covenant relationship to the Lord into its fellowship. Although marriage between the races should be approached with caution because of the serious nature of the difficulties involved, nevertheless we are persuaded that God's blessing is promised to all who marry "in the Lord."

We recommend that this statement be adopted and be put in the place of the section on intermarriage in the Report on Racial Questions adopted by the 144th Synod in 1966 in any subsequent editions and distributions of that Report.

The Report, with revisions, was adopted. Recapitulation: the Report was adopted with the following changes:

Line 2: "intermarriage" is changed to "marriage."
Line 6: "in this sphere" is inserted after "only marriage."
Line 8: "as such" is inserted after "believers."
Line 15: "promised" is changed to "available."

It was moved, seconded and carried to request the Reformed Presbyterian Reporter to print this report as adopted. (See Minutes of eighth sederunt also).

It was moved and seconded that the Committee on Racial Questions be abolished, with the thanks of Synod for its work. Motion carried.

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