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New Resources: Christianity Today, 1930-1949 [original series]:
In May of 1930, the first issue of Christianity Today [original series, 1930-1949] appeared, a publication seeking to serve as a voice for for conservatives with the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Its masthead declared its mission: "A Presbyterian journal devoted to stating, defending and furthering the Gospel in the modern world." The magazine was the first publication issued by the newly formed Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, founded by Samuel G. Craig. Later the company easily turned to the publication of books, with works by Loraine Boettner anchoring the growing list of publications.
From its inception, the magazine was issued monthly until the Spring of 1938, thereafter appearing three times a year. The final change in the magazine began with the Spring 1941 issue (Vol. 11, No. 3), when it was announced that the magazine would be discontinued as a periodical. Read more. . .

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Articles by Dr. L. Roy Taylor:Actions of the 47th Assembly.
Absentee Voting in the PCA
Receiving Ministers without a Call.BCO 29 & Chargeable Offenses.
Issues Facing the PCA (2008)
Minimum Voting Age
Non-Hierarchical Presbyterianism
RE's Administering Sacraments.
The Rotational System
The Uniqueness of PCA Polity
McLeod Portrait:
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Resources on Racial Reconciliation:
1973 - Advisory Convention (p. 27)
1977 - NAPARC Statement 
2002 - PCA Declaration 
2004 - MNA Pastoral Letter
2015 - Resolution by Duncan & Lucas
2015 - TE Jim Baird's speech
2015 - Protest filed by TE Price et al.
2016 - Racism and the Gospel

Please note: The PCA Historical Center is presently closed to in-person visits. Please submit requests via email.
Location: 478 Covenant Lane, St. Louis, Missouri 63141, on the campus of Covenant Theological Seminary.
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The Historical Center of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is a ministry of the PCA Stated Clerk’s Office, and is located in St. Louis, Missouri on the campus of Covenant Theological Seminary. Our mission is to preserve the records of the Presbyterian Church in America and to document the story of the conservative Presbyterian movement of the 20th & 21st centuries.In addition to the records of the PCA, the Center also serves as the repository of record for four other conservative Presbyterian denominations. The Center also houses the manuscript collections of about 150 people connected with those denominations, plus history materials for some 700 congregations. A modest research library of around 5,000 titles, covering all aspects of American Presbyterianism, augments the Center’s archival collections.