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Harry H. Meiners, Jr.

Manuscript Collection #022
Box #327

Content Summary: Correspondence; Minutes, financial reports and other documents for national and local level work within the RPC,GS and RPC,ES denominations.

Span dates: 1957-1970 Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one box)

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Harry H. Meiners, Jr. Manuscript Collection, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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Records of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod.

Pastor Harry H. Meiners, Jr.
1919 - 1971
[source: Westminster Alumni Bulletin,
I.1 Summer 1957]
Biographical Sketch: [edited from the Memorial brought before the 149th General Synod [1971] of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod by the Rev. Dr. Franklin S. Dyrness and Rev. Wilber B. Wallis]--
Reverend Harry H. Meiners, Jr. was born in 1919. After college he took his seminary training at Westminster Theological Seminary, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia.

Upon completion of his seminary training in 1950, he began to serve as the pastor of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Duanesburg, New York, a member church of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America, General Synod. He served in this post until 1959, resigning due to the contraction of polio, which made it difficult for him to continue in active ministry.

He moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico in July of 1959 for health reasons. Though his body was frail, it did not limit him in his desire to be of utmost service in the Lord's work. He was largely responsible for the University Presbyterian Church of Las Cruces joining with the our denomination. That church has not only a fine membership from that community, but a strong student ministry to New Mexico State University located there. Since the church property adjoins that of the University, it has a most strategic location. Mr. Meiners has on several occasions served as interim pastor and moderator of the Church. He was held in highest esteem by the Church and not only ministered there but also at Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church in Alamogordo.
Mr. Meiners was one of the leaders largely responsible for the growth of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America and then in the union with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. [Note: the EPC referred to here was originally named the Bible Presbyterian Church, Columbus Synod, taking the EPC designation from 1961 until its merger with the RPCNA, GS in 1965; it is not to be confused with that EPC which began its existence in 1981 and which continues today.] He served as the Stated Clerk of our denomination from the time of the Union in 1965, having served in the same capacity in the Reformed Presbyterian Church since 1960. He was most proficient, conscientious and accurate. He manifested a great compassion for God's people and a deep loyalty to Christ.
At the 148th General Synod [1970], Mr. Meiners gave notice that he would be resigning at the time of the 149th General Synod due to a serious heart attack. Although it was not easy to give up this position which he loved, he was making every effort to turn over the responsibility and endeavoring to make it easier for his successor to take over the work. Just recently he suffered another serious heart attack and was again hospitalized, but seemed to be improving. Just the Sunday prior to his homegoing, he attended both Morning and Evening Services of the Las Cruces Church. He spoke of his great yearning to continue to have an active part in our denomination through the ministry of prayer. On Sunday, May 9, early in the morning, he quietly slipped away to be with the Lord. He is survived by his wife, two daughters and three sons. His oldest daughter graduated from Covenant College last year and the next two children are now students of the College. [one son has gone on to serve as a missionary with the PCA's Mission to the World agency.]
A great leader and faithful servant has been taken from us. We will all deeply miss our brother who was so gracious and kind and brought so much encouragement to our movement. God's ways are past finding out. Again, we are reminded that men come and go, but God and His work go on forever. May his homegoing challenge all who knew him to be more faithful in service to the Lord, looking forward to the day of the appearing of our Lord. Mr. Meiners was faithful until death and to him has been given the Crown of Life. He has heard the word of His Master, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant...Enter thou into the joy of the Lord." Matthew 25:21.

Box 327
ƒ05—Administrative Committee, 1965 – 1966, Correspondence

ƒ04—Administrative Committee, 1967, Correspondence

ƒ03—Administrative Committee, 1968, Correspondence

ƒ02—Administrative Committee, 1969 – 1970, Correspondence and undated materials

ƒ06—Chaplains, 1966, 1968 – 1969, Correspondence

ƒ08—Christian Training, Inc., 1963 – 1966, Correspondence

ƒ07—Christian Training, Inc., 1967 – 1969, Correspondence and undated materials

ƒ09—Contributions, Correspondence in re, 1959 – 1962, 1968

ƒ10—Correspondence and Directory, 1965 – 1967

ƒ44—Foreign Mission Board, 1960 – 1963, Minutes

ƒ18—Foreign Missions, 1959 – 1960, Correspondence

ƒ16—Foreign Missions, 1961, Correspondence, August – November, 1961

ƒ17—Foreign Missions, 1961, Correspondence, January – July, 1961

ƒ15—Foreign Missions, 1962, Correspondence

ƒ14—Foreign Missions, 1963

ƒ13—Foreign Missions, 1964 – 1965, Correspondence

ƒ12—Foreign Missions, 1966, Correspondence

ƒ11—Foreign Missions, 1967 – 1969, Correspondence

ƒ46—Foreign Missions, Miscellaneous, undated

ƒ20—Form of Government (FOG), 1966 – 1968, Correspondence re amendments to the RPCES Form of Government [53 leaves]

ƒ19—Form of Government (FOG), 1969, Correspondence in re

ƒ24—Fraternal Relations, 1961 – 1962, Correspondence

ƒ23—Fraternal Relations, 1963 – 1964, Correspondence and undated materials

ƒ22—Fraternal Relations, 1965 – 1966, Correspondence and undated materials

ƒ21—Fraternal Relations, 1967 – 1969, Correspondence re Plan of Union between RPCES and OPC [30 leaves]

ƒ26—General Synod, 1949 – 1959, Correspondence

ƒ25—General Synod, 1960 – 1963, Correspondence

ƒ30—General Synod, 1964 – 1965, Correspondence, Finances

ƒ29—General Synod, 1966 – 1967, Correspondence, Finances

ƒ28—General Synod, 1968 – 1969, Correspondence, Finances

ƒ27—General Synod, undated, Correspondence

ƒ31—General Synod, undated, Correspondence, Finances, Forms and Brochures

ƒ32—General Synod, undated, Correspondence, Minutes


ƒ48—National Presbyterian Missions, 1965 – 1966, Correspondence

ƒ49—National Presbyterian Missions, 1965 – 1966, Literature

ƒ47—National Presbyterian Missions, 1967 – 1969, Correspondence

ƒ50—News Articles

ƒ33—Pastors and Pulpits, 1965 – 1967, Correspondence [sampling]

ƒ38—R.P. Letter Exchange, 1969, Correspondence

ƒ41—Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America, General Synod, 1966, Financial Statement, Financial Reports

ƒ51—Reformed Presbyterian Foundation, 1965 – 1968, Form Letters

ƒ52—Reformed Presbyterian Foundation, Printed Materials

ƒ37— Requests for Information, 1957 – 1959, Correspondence [sampling]

ƒ36—Requests for Information, 1960 – 1964, Correspondence [sampling]

ƒ35—Requests for Information, 1965, Correspondence [sampling]

ƒ34—Requests for Information, 1966 – 1969, Correspondence [sampling]

ƒ40—RPCES, 1968, Financial Statement, Financial Reports

ƒ39—RPCES, 1969, Financial Statement, Financial Reports

ƒ53—Statistics and Reports, 1966 – 1969 [sampling]

ƒ55—Westminster Chapel, 1962 – 1965

ƒ54—Westminster Chapel, 1966, 1970

ƒ56—Westminster Chapel, Photographs and undated material

ƒ43—orld Presbyterian Missions, 1965, Financial Statement, Financial Reports

ƒ57—World Presbyterian Missions, 1968, Foreign Mission Board, Goals and Program

ƒ42—World Presbyterian Missions, 1969, Financial Statement, Financial Reports

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