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John Edwards Richards
Manuscript Collection #26
Boxes #255 and 489

Content Summary: General correspondence and materials related to service on the Steering Committee.

Span dates: 1969 - 1983 Size: 1.25 cu. ft. (two boxes)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

Preferred citation:
John Edwards Richards Manuscript Collection, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

John Edward Richards

[12 May 1911 - 24 January 1989]

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Biographical sketch

Raised in South Carolina and educated at Davidson College, John prepared for the ministry at Columbia Theological Seminary, receiving his Bachelor of Divinity degree in 1936. Licensed and ordained by Augusta Presbytery (PCUS), he was installed as pastor of the First Presbyterian church, Waynesboro, Georgia, serving there from 1936-40 and next at First Presbyterian church, Meridian, MS, 1940-41. Later 1941 he enlisted and labored for five years as an Army Air Force chaplain, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
With the end of World War II, Rev. Richards answered a call to serve the First Presbyterian Church, Columbus, Georgia, serving there for six years, 1946-52. During this time, he was honored with the Doctor of Divinity degree, awarded by the Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC, in 1947. First Presbyterian Church, Roanoke, VA, 1952-56 and First Presbyterian Church, Macon, GA, 1956-72 were his last two pastorates. Dr. Richards resigned his post in Macon in order to take on the work of Administrator for the Steering Committee for the Continuing Presbyterian Church. When asked why he had set aside his work as pastor, Richards said "the refusal of the [PCUS 1967] Assembly to take a stand for the infallibility of God's revealed Word made God's call much clearer."

Boxes 255 and 489

489.02—"Continuing for Ten Years," [article], PCA Messenger, September 1981
255.02—Advisory Convention, Arrangement
255.03—Advisory Convention, Bills and Overtures
255.04—Advisory Convention, Letters to Missionaries
255.05—Advisory Convention, Minutes
255.06—Advisory Convention, Organizations
255.07—Advisory Convention, Publicity
255.08—Advisory Convention, Senior Advisors Committee
255.31—Allen, Todd W., Correspondence
255.33—Baldwin, John, Correspondence
255.09—Board of Annuities and Relief
255.10—Board of Christian Education
255.11—Briefing Sessions, Correspondence
255.12—Briefing Sessions, Invitation Lists
255.13—Briefing Sessions, Invitations
255.14—Budget Sample
255.15—Calvary Presbytery
255.16—Christian Studies Center
255.17—Church Property Issue
489.20—Colloquy, March 1970, [publication]
255.18—Commissioners to General Assembly
255.19—Committee of Forty, Folder 1
255.20—Committee of Forty, Folder 2
255.21—Concerned Presbyterians, Correspondence, Folder 1
255.22—Concerned Presbyterians, Correspondence, Folder 2
255.23—Concerned Presbyterians, Members, Folder 1
255.24—Concerned Presbyterians, Members, Folder 2
255.25—Conference Center, Micaville, North Carolina
255.26—Confession of Faith
255.28—Conservative Issues
255.27—Contact Men, Correspondence
255.77—Continuing Presbyterian Church, News Articles
489.21—Continuing, February 1977, [publication]
255.29—Convocation of Sessions, Folder 1
255.30—Convocation of Sessions, Folder 2
489.06—Correspondence, 1971, 1974
255.32—Correspondence, Miscellaneous, B
255.35—Correspondence, Miscellaneous, D
255.36—Correspondence, Miscellaneous, F
255.37—Correspondence, Miscellaneous, H
255.40—Correspondence, Miscellaneous, J
255.41—Correspondence, Miscellaneous, K
255.44—Correspondence, Miscellaneous, M
255.47—Correspondence, Miscellaneous, N & O
255.48—Correspondence, Miscellaneous, P through Z
255.49—Covenant Fellowship of Presbyterians
255.50—Covenant Presbytery, Texas (PCUS)
489.03—Crowe, R. McFerran, What is the Real Issue," Presbyterian Journal, [reprint article]
255.34—Cunningham, Hugh, Correspondence
255.51—Cynthiana Presbyterian Church
255.52—Data Form
255.53—Declaration of Intent
255.54—Drafting Committee, Reaffirmation of 1973
255.55—Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism (ECOE)
255.56—Faith and Purpose Steering Committee
489.22—Federal Council of Churches, Publications
489.05—First Presbyterian Church, Weaverville, NC, Fiftieth Anniversary Observation, June 1, 1972
255.79—Florida Presbytery, News Articles
255.58—General Assembly, 1973 (First), Arrangements
255.59—General Assembly, 1973 (First), Dockets & Program
255.60—General Assembly, 1973 (First), Maps
489.18—General Assembly, 1973 (First), Photographs
255.61—General Assembly, 1973 (First), Resolution to Call
255.62—Georgia Presbyteries
255.38—Hamby, Oliver, Correspondence
255.63—Hanover Presbytery
255.39—Hill, William, Correspondence
255.64—Hull Memorial Presbyterian Church
255.65—Incorporation, Articles of
255.66—Independent Presbyterian Churches
255.67—Invitation Rallies of 1974
489.19—Journal Day, 1972, 1973, Program
255.42—Keyes, Kenneth, Correspondence
255.43—LeCraw, Roy, Correspondence
255.68—Legal Materials
489.07—Letter to the Editor, Presbyterian Journal, [1969?]
255.69—Louisiana Synod
255.70—Lutheran Church
255.45—Matthews, P. Y., Correspondence
255.71—McIlwain Memorial Presbyterian Church, Pensacola, Florida
255.46—Metcalf, Robert M., Correspondence
255.72—Ministerial Relations
255.73—Ministers Seeking Churches
255.74—Name Suggestions
255.75—National Presbyterian and Reformed Fellowship
255.76—New Confession Proposed
255.80—News Articles Key
489.09—News Articles, 1969 – 1983, [bulk date: 1982 – 1983]
255.81—News Articles, Miscellaneous
255.82—North Carolina, News Articles
255.85—Office Operations
255.86—Opposite Data
489.10—Overtures and Resolutions, 1971
255.88—Permanent Committee, Executive Committee, Minutes
255.87—Permanent Committee, Organizing Committee, Minutes
255.78—Presbyterian Church in the U.S., 1973 General Assembly, News Articles
489.16—Richards, John E., Statement Presented to the Joint Committee on Church Union, [paper]
489.04—Settle, Paul G., "The State of the Church and the Present Crisis," Christian Observer, April 14, 1971, [article]
489.15—Settle, Paul G., "The State of the Church and the Present Crisis," 1971
489.14—Settle, Paul G., The 1971 – 1972 Covenant Life Material, [paper]
255.83—South Carolina, News Articles
489.11—Steering Committee, For a Continuing Church: Questions and Answers, [pamphlet]
489.26—Steering Committee, How the Steering Committee Came to Be, [paper]
489.23—Steering Committee, Journal Day Announcement, August 1971
489.24—Steering Committee, Literature Order Form
489.25—Steering Committee, Mission
489.27—Steering Committee, Reaffirmations of 1973
489.28—Steering Committee, Statement of Faith and Purpose
255.84—Tabb Street Presbyterian Church, News Articles
489.12—Taylor, G. Aiken, How We Got Where We Are, [pamphlet]
489.17—When the Denomination is Reborn, [paper]
489.13—Williamson, W. Jack, A Plan for a Continuing Church, and Where We Go From Here

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