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Harold Gene Stigers
Manuscript Collection MS#037
Box #331

Content Summary: Papers relating to American Council of Christian Churches, Evangelical Presbyterian Church, General Synod of the Bible Presbyterian Church, General Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod, Midwestern Presbytery of Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod, New Jersey Presbytery of the Bible Presbyterian Church, Plan of Union of Orthodox Presbyterian Church and Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod, Upper Midwest and Midwestern presbyteries of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Upper Midwest and Midwestern presbyteries of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod, and World Presbyterian Missions.

Span dates: 1939, 1949-1975 Size: 0.5 cu. ft. (one carton)
Harold Gene StigersHarold Gene Stigers
[5 June 1917 – 9 October 1996]

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Preferred citation: Harold Stigers Manuscript Collection, Box 331, PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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Biographical Sketch: The Rev. Harold Stigers was born on 5 June 1917 and died on 9 October 1996.
excerpted from the Minutes of Illiana Presbytery, 6 November 1982, page 7-8:
"In recognition that Dr. Harold G. Stigers has faithfully fulfilled his calling of God as a Teaching Elder in Illiana Presbytery over the past 7 years, in the following ways among others -
Moderator of Illiana Presbytery; researcher of Biblical history, geography, and geology; archaeologist in Biblical lands; author of monographs in Old Testament Studies used and appreciated by many in Presbytery; member of the commission of the installation of David Robinson, chairman of the committee for the ordination of Jeff Rakes; shepherd and encourager of churches and ministers in the Presbytery; and initiator of abundant helpful input to the discussions of Presbytery.
In recognition that Dr. Stigers ministry has been blessed of God to the edification of individual believers, churches, Illiana Presbytery, and the church at large;
We, therefore, do hereby express our deep appreciation for Dr. Stigers presence and witness among us and pray God's blessing upon him as we grant his request to have his status changed to that of Teaching Elder honorably retired. Furthermore, we express our desire for his continued fellowship and participation as his health allows.

Box 331
ƒ01—Finding Aid
ƒ02—American Council of Christian Churches, 1953 - 1954, Constitution and By-Laws, Reports
ƒ14—Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), 1961, Form of Government, Proposed
ƒ15—Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), 1961, Form of Government
ƒ03—General Synod, Bible Presbyterian Church (BPC), 1958
ƒ04—General Synod, Bible Presbyterian Church (BPC), 1957
ƒ05—General Synod, Bible Presbyterian Church (BPC), 1954
ƒ06—General Synod, Bible Presbyterian Church (BPC), 1954, Group Photograph
ƒ26—General Synod, Reformed Presbyterian Church Evangelical Synod, 1967, Folder 1
ƒ27—General Synod, Reformed Presbyterian Church Evangelical Synod, 1967, Folder 2
ƒ16—McIntire, Carl, "The Truth About the Federal Council of Churches" [pamphlet]
ƒ23—Midwestern Presbytery (RPCES), 1967 - 1968, Minutes
ƒ22—Midwestern Presbytery (RPCES), 1968 - 1969, Minutes
ƒ21—Midwestern Presbytery (RPCES), 1970, Minutes
ƒ20—Midwestern Presbytery (RPCES), 1971, Minutes
ƒ19—Midwestern Presbytery (RPCES), 1972, Minutes
ƒ18—Midwestern Presbytery (RPCES), 1973 - 1974, Minutes
ƒ17—Midwestern Presbytery (RPCES), 1975, Minutes
ƒ07—New Jersey Presbytery (BPC), 1957 - 1959
ƒ08—New Jersey Presbytery (BPC), 1956, Folder 1
ƒ09—New Jersey Presbytery (BPC), 1956, Folder 2
ƒ10—New Jersey Presbytery (BPC), 1955
ƒ11—New Jersey Presbytery (BPC), 1952 - 1954
ƒ12—New Jersey Presbytery (BPC), 1952, Minutes
ƒ13—New Jersey Presbytery (BPC), 1939, 1949 - 1951
ƒ25—Plan of Union, Orthodox Presbyterian Church & Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod
ƒ28—Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod, 1965
ƒ29—Relations Between the Ecumenical Movement and the Vatican, [report]
ƒ33—Upper Midwest Presbytery (EPC), 1959 - 1961, Minutes
ƒ32—Upper Midwest Presbytery (EPC), 1962, Minutes
ƒ31—Upper Midwest and Midwestern Presbyteries (EPC), 1963, Minutes
ƒ30—Upper Midwest Presbytery, Evangelical Presbyterian Church, 1964, Minutes
ƒ24—Upper Midwest and Midwestern Presbyteries (RPCES), 1965, Minutes
ƒ34—Upper Midwest and Midwestern Presbyteries (EPC), undated materials
ƒ35—World Presbyterian Missions, Manual of Rules

A New Heresy in the Christian Church: The Subtle Danger of Barthianism. [Philadelphia]: [Roland K. Armes], 1946. 1 sheet folded to 12 pages.

Achaemenian Tablets in the John Frederick Lewis Collection of the Philadelphia Free Library. Philadelphia: Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning, 1953. Ph.D. dissertation. Iv, 120 leaves; 29 cm.

A Commentary on Genesis. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House, 1976. 352 p.; 25 cm.

Neo- and late Babylonian business documents in the John Frederick Lewis Collection. [Cambridge, MA]: [American Schools of Oriental Research], 1976. 59 p.; 26 cm.

"Dolmens, the New World and the Seasons." Address delivered in the 1989 annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. [audio cassette]

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