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Adams, Thomas, [b<1600-d<1662]
          The Works of Thomas Adams
Aiken, Charles A., (Princeton Theological Seminary)
          Princeton Sermons
Alexander, Archibald, [1772-1851]
          Practical Sermons : To Be Read in Families and Social Meetings (Philadelphia : Presbyterian Board of Publications, 1850), hb, 571pp.; 24 cm. [Reprinted, (Birmingham, AL : Solid Ground Publications, 2004), pb, 576pp.]
Ball, John, [1585-1640]
          “The Holy Exercise of Love,” in The Puritans on Loving One Another  
Becon, Thomas, [c. 1510 - c. 1567]
          Writings of the Rev. Thomas Becon
Bolton, Samuel,
          "The Sinfulness of Sin"
          A Sermon preached at Lent Assises, 1630
Bonar, Horatius, [1808-1889]
          Fifty-Two Sermons
Boston, Thomas, [1676-1732]
          The Complete Works of the Late Rev. Thomas Boston, Ettrick
          Commentary on the Shorter Catechism
Bradford, John [1510-1555]  Prebendary of St. Paul's and Martyr.
          Writings of the Rev. John Bradford
Bridge, William, [1600?-1670]
          The Works of the Rev. William Bridge, M.A.
          "Watching,"  Fast sermon, Nov 29, 1643.
Brinsley, John
          The Mystical Brasen Serpent
Brooks, Thomas, [1608-1680]
          The Works of Thomas Brooks
Bruce, Michael
          Sermons Delivered in Times of Persecution in Scotland
Burges, Cornelius
          "The Way to Zion,"  Fast sermon, Nov 17, 1640.
Burroughs, Jeremiah, [1599-1646]
          Gospel Conversion   
          Gospel Fear:  or, The Heart Trembling at the Word of God
          Gospel Remission
          Gospel Worship
          The Excellency of a Gracious Spirit

          The Saints' Happiness
          The Saints' Treasury
Calamy, Edmund
          "God's Free Mercy to England,"  Fast sermon, Feb 23, 1641.
Calvin, John, [1509-1564]
          Sermons on Deuteronomy
          Sermons on 2 Samuel
          Sermons on Job
          Sermons on Ephesians
          Sermons on Timothy & Titus
Cameron, Richard
          Sermons Delivered in Times of Persecution in Scotland
Candlish, Robert Smith, D.D. [1806-1873]
          Sermons by the Late Robert S. Candlish, D.D.
          Life in a Risen Saviour
Cargill, Donald
          Sermons Delivered in Times of Persecution in Scotland
Caryl, Joseph, [1602-Feb. 7, 1673]
          “The Nature and Principles of Love, as the End of the Commandment,” (two sermons), in The Puritans on Loving One Another.
Carter, William
          "Israel's Peace with God Benjamin's Overthrow,"  Fast sermon, Aug 31, 1642.
Case, Thomas
          "Spiritual Whoredom,"  Fast sermon, May 26, 1647.
Chalmers, Thomas, [1780-1849]
          Sermons and Discourses
          Sermons, Preached in the Tron Church, Glasgow
Chambers, Humphrey
          "A Divine Balance to Weigh Religious Fasts In,"  Fast sermon, Sept 27, 1643.
Charnock, Stephen, The Complete Works of Stephen Charnock. Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 2010. [added 11/01/2011]
Cheynell, Francis
          "Sions Memento, and God's Alarum,"  Fast sermon, May 31, 1643.
Clarkson, David, [1622-1686]
          The Works of David Clarkson
Cleaver, Robert,
          see entry at Dod, John
Cradock, Walter,
          Gospel Holiness
          The Glorious Privilege of the Saints
Cranmer, Thomas [July 2, 1489-March 21, 1556]  Archbishop of Canterbury
          Writings of the Rev. Dr. Thomas Cranmer
Dabney, Robert L., [1820-1898]
          Discussions (London : The Banner of Truth Trust, 1967; first published in 1890)
Davis, John L., (Princeton Theological Seminary)
          Princeton Sermons
Dod, John and Cleaver, Robert,
          A Plain and Familiar Exposition of the Ten Commandments
          Ten Sermons tending chiefly to the Fitting of Men for the Worthy Receiving of the Lord's Supper
Doolittle, Thomas [1632? - 1707]
          Love to Christ, Necessary to Escape the Curse at His Coming, (London: Religious Tract Society, 1836), 215pp.
Duncan, John [1796-1870?]
          Pulpit and Communion Table
Edwards, Jonathan, [1703-1758]
          Selections from the Unpublished Writings of Jonathan Edwards
          The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Sermons and Discourses, 1720-1723
          The Works of Jonathan Edwards, A.M. (Banner of Truth Trust)
Farewell Sermons  Sermons by Wm. Bates, R. Baxter, T. Brooks,  J. Caryl, T. Case, J. Collins, Geo. Evanke, J. Galpine, T. Jacomb, Wm. Jenkyn, T. Lye, M. Mead, M. Newcomen, L. Seaman,  T. Watson.
Flavel, John, [1630?-1691]
          The Works of John Flavel
Fox, John [1517-April 18, 1587]  "The Martyrologist."
          The Writings of John Fox
Gataker, Thomas,
          Two Marriage Sermons
Girardeau, John L.,
          Life Work and Sermons
          "Individual Liberty and Church Authority,"
Goodwin, Thomas,[1600-1679]
          The Works of Thomas Goodwin, D.D.
Gray, Andrew,
          The Works of Andrew Gray
Green, William Henry (Princeton Theological Seminary)
          Princeton Sermons
Greenhill, William
          "The Axe at the Root,"  Fast sermon, April 26, 1643.
Griffin, Edward D. [1770-1837]
          The Life and Sermons of Edward D. Griffin
          "A Sermon Preached Before the Annual Convention of the Congregational Ministers of Massachusetts, in Boston, May 29, 1828."
Guthrie, John
          Sermons Delivered in Times of Persecution in Scotland
Guthrie, Thomas [1803-1873]
          The City:  Its Sins and Sorrows
Guthrie, William
          Sermons Delivered in Times of Persecution in Scotland
Henry, Matthew,
          The Complete Works of the Rev. Matthew Henry
Hodge, Caspar Wistar, (Princeton Theological Seminary)
          Princeton Sermons
Hooper, John [1495-1555]  Bishop of Gloucester and Worcester; Martyr.
          Writings of Dr. John Hooper
Janeway, James, [1636?-1674]
          The Saints' Encouragement to Diligence in Christ's Service
Jewell, John, [May 24, 1522-Sept. 22, 1571]  Bishop of Salisbury.
Knox, John,
          The Works of John Knox
Latimer, Hugh [c.1480-Oct. 16, 1555]  Bishop of Worcester and Martyr, 1555.
          Select Sermons and Letters, of Dr. Hugh Latimer
Law, Henry [1797-1884],
          The Gospel in Genesis
Livingstone, John
          Sermons Delivered in Times of Persecution in Scotland
Love, Christopher
          A Treatise of Effectual Calling and Election
          Grace:  The Truth, Growth, and Different Degrees
M'Cheyne, Robert Murray [1813-1843]
          A Basket of Fragments
          Additional Remains of the Rev. Robert Murray M'Cheyne
M'Crie, Thomas [    -    ]
Machen, J. Gresham  [1881-1937]
          God Transcendent and other selected sermons
Makemie, Francis [c. 1658-July 1708]
          The Life and Writings of Francis Makemie
Manton, Thomas,[1620-1677]
          The Complete Works of Thomas Manton
“Love One Another,” (1 Jn 3:11) in The Puritans on Loving One Another.
Marshall, Stephen
          Fast sermon, Nov 17, 1640.
Mead, Matthew, [1629-1699]
           A Name in Heaven the Truest Ground of Joy
          The Almost Christian Discovered
Morning Exercises at Cripplegate, The

Murray, James O., (Princeton Theological Seminary)
          Princeton Sermons
Nettleton, Asahel, [1783-1844]
          Sermons from the Second Great Awakening
Newton, John
          The Works of the Rev. John Newton
Palmer, Benjamin Morgan
          Sermons by Rev. B.M. Palmer, D.D., Volumes I and II (Harrisonburg, VA: Sprinkle Publications, 2002)
Patton, Francis L., (Princeton Theological Seminary)
          Princeton Sermons
Paxton, William M., (Princeton Theological Seminary)
          Princeton Sermons
Peden, Alexander
          Sermons Delivered in Times of Persecution in Scotland
Preston, John, [1587-July 1628]
          The Breast-Plate of Faith and Love
          The Golden Sceptre
          The Saint's Daily Exercise
The Princeton Pulpit
  Sermons by Samuel Miller, Archibald Alexander, James Carnahan, Charles Hodge, John Maclean, James W. Alexander, Albert B. Dod, M.B. Hope, John Forsyth, J. Addison Alexander, Wm. E. Schenck, Wm. Henry Green, George M. Giger, Thos. W. Cattell, and John T. Duffield.
Renwick, James
          A Choice Collection of Very Valuable Prefaces, Lectures, and Sermons
Reynolds, Edward
          "Israel's Petition in Time of Trouble
Ridley, Nicholas, [c. 1500-Oct. 16, 1555]  Bishop of London, and Martyr, 1555.
Rogers, Richard
          A Commentary upon the Whole Booke of Judges
Rutherford, Samuel [1600-1661]
          Fourteen Communion Sermons
          The Trial and Triumph of Faith
Sedgwick, Obadiah,
          The Doubting Believer
          "The Nature and Danger of Heresies,"
Sermons of the Great Ejection  Sermons by T. Brooks, E. Calamy, J. Collins, J. Oldfield, T. Lye, T. Watson, J. Whitlock, and "The Nonconformist's Catechism" by Samuel Palmer.
Shields, Alexander
          Sermons Delivered in Times of Persecution in Scotland
Sibbes, Richard,
          The Works of Richard Sibbes
Sprague, William B.,
          Lectures to Young People
Spurgeon, Charles H.,
          The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit. Pasadena, TX: Pilgrim Publications, 1969.
Swinnock, George,
          The Works of George Swinnock
Traill, Robert,
          The Works of Robert Traill
Thornwell, James Henley,
          Collected Writings
Toplady, Augustus,
          The Works of Augustus Toplady
Venning, Ralph, [1621-1674]
          “The New Commandment Renewed,” (treatise), in The Puritans on Loving One Another.
Vines, Richard
          "Caleb's Integrity in following the Lord fully,"  Fast sermon, Nov 30, 1642.
Vos, Geerhardus,
          Grace and Glory:  Sermons Preached in the Chapel of Princeton Theological Seminary
Ward, Samuel, [1577-March 1639]
          Sermons and Treatises of Samuel Ward, B.D.
Warfield, Benjamin Breckinridge,
          Faith & Life: 'Conferences' in the Oratory of Princeton Seminary, (London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1916; reprinted, (Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 1974).
          The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit
          The Saviour of the World

          Princeton Sermons
Watson, Thomas,
          The Bible and The Closet
          Heaven Taken by Storm
          The Christian Soldier:  or, Heaven Taken by Storm
          The Fight of Faith Crowned
          The Mischief of Sin
          The Sermons of Thomas Watson
Welch, John
          Sermons Delivered in Times of Persecution in Scotland
Welwood, John
          Sermons Delivered in Times of Persecution in Scotland
Whitefield, George,
          Sermons on Important Subjects
(London : William Tegg, 1800 New ed.), xvi, 799 p. ; 23 cm.
[Reprinted, 2. (London : William Baynes and Son, 1825, new edition) 3. (London : Printed for Thomas Tegg, 1829) 4. (London : H. Fisher and P. Jackson, 1830) 5. (London, H. Fisher and P. Jackson, 1831) 6. (London: Henry Fisher, 1832) 7. (London, T. Tegg, & Son, 1838)
(London : William Tegg,1867).]
Whittaker, Jeremiah
          "Christ the Settlement of Unsettled Times,"  Fast sermon, Jan 25, 1642.
Whyte, Alexander
          Lord, Teach Us to Pray
Wickliff, John
, [c. 1324- Dec. 31, 1384].  First English Translator of the Holy Scriptures.
          Writings of the Reverend and Learned John Wickliff
Willison, John, [1680-1750]
          The Practical Works of the Rev. John Willison
Witherspoon, John
          The Works of the Rev. John Witherspoon (Harrisonburg, VA : Sprinkle Publications, 2001-2006), 7 volumes. [Note : "William W. Woodward of Philadelphia published the first edition of the four-volume set in 1801, and the second edition was published in 1802." The Sprinkle edition is based on the revised and corrected 2nd American edition of 1802]

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