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[June, 1847 - October, 1885]
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Adams, William Hooper, Sr. [1838-1880] 4The Benediction not a Mere Form
Adger, John Bailey [1810-1899]
[Photo source: Our Southern Zion, by Erskine Clarke. Used by permission of the University of Alabama Press]
Some Remarks on the Question of a Call to the Ministry
Some Thoughts and some Facts concerning Domestic Missions in our Presbyteries
The Chief Glory of the Nineteenth Century
The Christian Doctrine of Human Rights and Slavery
The Church One, the Word One, and the Covenant with Abraham Stands
The Divine Right of Presbyterian Church Government
The Evangelist and the Presbytery
The First and Highest Office in the Church
The Future of the Freedmen
The General Assembly of 1857
The General Assembly of 1860
The General Assembly of 1861
The General Assembly of 1863
The General Assembly [of 1866] at Memphis
The Northern General Assembly (Old School) of 1866
The General Assembly of 1871
The General Assembly of 1872
The General Assembly [of 1875] at St. Louis
The General Assembly [of 1876] at Savannah
The General Assembly [of 1877] at New Orleans
The General Assembly [of 1879] at Louisville
The Genesis of the New England Churches
The Late General Presbyterian Council at Edinburgh
The Pastoral Relation and the Support of the Ministry
The Plenary Inspiration of the Scriptures
The Princeton Review on Theories of the Eldership
The Question of Dancing from Another Point of View
The Recent Ordination at Hangchow
The Religious Instruction of the Black Population
The Reviewer Reviewed; or, Dr. Ross on Right and Wrong
The Revival of the Slave Trade
Wigfall's Sermon upon Dueling
• A Brief Reply to Dr. Wilson on Our Home Mission
A Call to the Ministry
A Calm and Candid Review of Some Speeches on Evolution
A Denial of Divine Right for Organs in Public Worship
A Few Observations on the Foregoing Article
A Question for Our Church: Who Shall Vote for Pastors?
A Thoroughly Educated Ministry
American Board and the Choctaw Mission
Bannerman's Church of Christ
Calvin and Servetus
Calvin Defended Against Drs. Cunningham and Hodge
Calvin's Doctrine of the Lord's Supper
Christian and African Colonisation
Church Power
Deliverances of Church Courts
Editorial Comments on the Preceding Article
Explanatory Note [re: "The General Assembly of 1861,"
Harbingers of the Reformation
Inaugural Discourse on Church History and Church Polity
Lectures on Foreign Churches
Missionary Zeal
Modern Skepticism
Motley's Dutch Republic
Ordination, with the Laying on of the Hands of the 4Presbytery
Plans of Church Finance
Presbyterian Authorities on Theories of the Eldership
Responsibility for Opinions
Revision of the English Bible
Alexander, Rev. Henry Carrington
Classical Revision of the Greek New Testament
The Alternatives of Unbelief
4The Metaphysical Postulate of H. Spencer's First Principles.
Anderson, Rev. Samuel James Pierce, D.D.
• Form and Spirit
Notes on the Miracles of our Lord
• The Fulness of Time
The Prophets of the Restoration
The Unity of the Human Race
The Variety of Shakespeare
Anonymous 6 Anonymous 6
A Presbyterian Clergyman Looking for the Church
An Address delivered before the Society of Missionary Inquiry
An Effectual Control of the Will and Conduct of Men by the Spirit of God
An Efficient Ministry
An Exposition of Matthew XVI., 18, 19
Inquiry into the Aggressiveness of Presbyterianism, Part I
Inquiry into the Aggressiveness of Presbyterianism, Part II
Ancient and Scripture Chronology
Baker's Albert N'yanza, and Exploration of the Nile Sources
Christian Theology and Current Thought
Church Property Litigation in Kentucky and Missouri
Church Union
City Evangelisation
Concerning the Manner of Preaching
Contributions to the Ecclesiastical History of Abbeville District, S.C.
Correspondence touching the Christians, between the Proconsul Pliny and the Emperor Trajan
Death, the Resurrection, and the Intermediate State
Dr. Dabney on Immediate Imputation
Dr. Wayland on the Limitations of Human Responsibility
Doctrinal Preaching
First Pastoral Letter of the Synod of the Carolinas
Geographical Revolutions
Geology and the Bible
History of Julius Caesar
 Interpretation of Hebrews IX: 16-17
Is Baptism Immersion?
Is Baptism Invariably Immersion?
Italy and Its Religions
Lex Regit: Law is King
Memoir of the Rev. Samuel B. McPheeters, D.D.
Memoir of Roger B. Taney
Ministers' Widows and Orphans
Modern Doubt
Modern Homiletics
Moses and his Dispensation
Necrology: Rev. John Simpson
Non-Scholastic Theology
Notice of the Dead Sea
Our Church-Its Condition, Wants, and Prospects
Our Church Not Sufficiently Evangelistic: Why?
Our Educational Policy
Pastors and Evangelists versus Stated Supplies
Paul, The Church at Rome, and the Epistle to the Romans
Perfect Sanctification
Personality, Deity, and Operations of The Holy Spirit
Philosophy and Miracles
Philosophy, Calvinism and the Bible
Philosophy of Utility
Prayer Answerable without any Violation of Nature
Prayer Consistent with the Uniform Operation of Natural Law
Presbyterianism in Central New York
Prophets and Prophecy
Providence and Prayer
Pulpit Oratory
Reason and Understanding
Report on The Organization, Instruction and Discipline of the Coloured People
Relations of Christianity to the Legal Profession
Rev. Robert Hall
Ritualism-From a Layman's Point of View
Robinson's Discourses of Redemption
Schools for Ministerial Education and their Endowment
Scotland in the Eighteenth Century
Sketch of the Minor Prophets
Sketches of North Carolina
Social Science under a Christian Aspect
4Testimony and Faith
The Article Entitled "A Thoroughly Educated Ministry" Examined
The Attitude of the Ancient Mind with Respect to Truth
The Baltimore Conference
The Book of Church Order
The Book of Job
The Christian Life
The Christian's Duty towards his Enemies
The Church a Spiritual Power, by a Georgia Pastor
The Church and her Presbyters
The Church and Politics, Part I
The Church and Politics, Part II
The Church and the World
The Doctrinal Various Readings of the New Testament Greek
The Eucharist
Editorial Observations on the Foregoing Article ["The Eucharist"]
The Final Philosophy
The Formation of the English Language
The General Assembly of 1865
The General Assembly of 1867
The General Assembly of 1868
The General Assembly of 1869
The General Assembly of 1870
The General Assembly of 1874
The General Assembly of 1878
The General Assembly of 1885
The Hypostatical Union
The Impeccability of Christ
The Influence of Theories of the Will on Theology
The Law of Retribution
The Letters and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell
The Mecklenburg Declaration [Supplementary Notice]
The Modern Doctrine of the Unknowable
The Negative Tendencies of the Age
The New Church
The New Theory of the Ministry
The Numerical Figures of the Bible
The Personality of God, as Affecting Science and Religion
The Phases of Society
The Philosophy of Life
The Platonic Trinity
The Poetry of the Pentateuch
The Presbyterian Church in South Carolina
The Presbyterian Cultus
The Professional Study of the Bible
The Relation of Pagan Systems to Each Other, and to the Revealed System of Religion
4The Resurrection
4The Study of Natural History
4The Third Revision of the Directory of Worship
4The Tishbite and the Baptist
4The Tithe Law
4The Vatican Dogma
4The Word of God
Types of Mankind
Unregeneracy in the Ministry
"Unthinkable" Propositions and Original Sin
Walnut Street Church Decision in the United States Supreme Court
2nd Maccabees 12:39-45; and Purgatory and Prayers for the Dead
Armstrong, Rev. George Dodd
The Parable of the Tares in the Field
The Revised Directory for Worship
Atkinson, Rev. John Mayo Pleasants [1810-1883] Lecky's History of European Morals
Atkinson, Rev. Dr. Joseph Mayo
Female Education
Natural Law in the Spiritual World
The Ministry and its Duties
The Poetical Element of the Bible
The Puritans
Atkinson, Rev. William Robert
Romans vi. 4 and Colossians ii. 12, and the Baptist Controversy
Tyndall on the Physical Value of Prayer
Baird, Rev. Ebenezer Thompson
A Presbyterian Clergyman Looking for the Church
Smith's Christian Antiquities
The Manner of Altering Our Doctrinal Standards
The Pastoral Duties of Ruling Elders
The Religious Instruction of our Colored Population
Baird, Rev. Samuel John
Constitution of the Presbyterian Church
Edwards and the Theology of New England
The Gratuitous Imputation of Sin
The History of Baptism
The Symmetry and Beauty of God's Witnessing Church
Balch, Rev. Thomas Bloomer
The Literature of the South
The Melchizedekan Priesthood
Barbour, Rev. Lewis Green
[1829 - 1907]
A Brief in the Case of the Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister
Cosmic Vapor
Logic and the Laws of Thought
Medieval and Modern Mystics
Natural Theology
One Phase of the Prayer Question
The Christ of John
The Morality of Actions, Volitions, Desires, Emotions, Cognitions, and Dispositions
Barnett, S.J., Esq. Buckle's History of Civilization, Part I
Buckle's History of Civilization, Part II

Bean, Rev. William Smith [1849-1920]
Berkeley and the Philosophy of Idealism
Hansen's "Reformed Church in the Netherlands"
The Outlook of Modern Science
Berry, Philip On the Means of Preventing War
The Mexican War Reviewed on Christian Principles
Beveridge, John [foreign missionary, serving in Monterrey, Mexico; died 1881 or 1882]

The Lord's Day, and Not the Jewish Sabbath, Part I
The Lord's Day, and Not the Jewish Sabbath, Part II

Blair, Professor W. The Study of Language as a Training of the Mind
Blake, J.R. David N. Lord's Geological Writings
Popular Objections to Science
Blaikie, W.G.
The Proposed Presbyterian Council
The Revival in Scotland
Bocock, Rev. John Holmes
Authorship at the South
Bledsoe's Theodicy
Letter to Dr. Robert J. Breckinridge
Martyrs of Scotland and Sir Walter Scott
Modern Theology
Our Ecclesiastical Literature
The Divine Purpose in the Classics
The Future Kingdom of Christ
The Paradise of the Levellers
The Reformation in England
Boggs, Rev. William Ellison
Church and State in their Reciprocal Relations and Fundamental Contrast
Palmer's Life of Thornwell
Spiritism and the Bible
The Deacon's Office in the Church of the New Testament
The General Assembly of 1880
The General Assembly of 1882
The Moral and Religious Aspects of Lotteries and Other Modes of Gambling
The Second General Council of the Presbyterian Alliance
The South Vindicated from the Charge of Treason and Rebellion
Bowie, Hon. A. Necrology: William H. Barr, D.D.
Collegiate Education

Boyce, Rev. Prof. J. [James?], D.D.
The Attention the Bible has Received
The Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt and Their Sojourn in the Wilderness Forty Years
Boyle, Rev. John
The Foreign Evangelist, As Viewed by One in the Foreign Field, Part I
The Foreign Evangelist, As Viewed by One in the Foreign Field, Part II
The Foreign Evangelist Again, as Viewed by One in the Foreign Field, Part I
The Foreign Evangelist Again, as Viewed by One in the Foreign Field, Part II

Breck, R.S.

4Duties of Masters
Breckinridge, Rev. Robert J.

4Denominational Education

• Documentary History of the Assembly of 1837
Presbyterian Government Not a Hierarchy, But a Commonwealth
Presbyterian Ordination Not a Charm, But an Act of Government
Some Thoughts on the Development of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.
The Christian Pastor, One of Christ's Ascension Gifts
Brumby, Richard Trapier [Professor, Athens, GA]
Evidence of the Degradation of Animals
Foot-Prints of the Creator
Gradualness Characteristic of All God's Operations
Relations of Science to the Bible
The Ceaseless Activity of Matter

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