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[LaBorde - Ruffner]
[June, 1847 - October, 1885]
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LaBorde, M. [Professor, University of South Carolina] The Living Writers of the South
Latimer, Rev. James Fair [1845-1892]
An Examination of Certain Hypotheses Concerning Perception and Sensation
The General Assembly and the Columbia Seminary
The Influence of the Invisible Church Upon the Visible Church in the Formulation of Her Creed
Law, Rev. Thomas Hart [1838-1923] 4The Grace of Adoption
LeConte, Joseph, M.D.
[South Carolina College]
On the Nature and Uses of Art, Part I
On the Nature and Uses of Art, Part II
The Principles of a Liberal Education
The Relation of Organic Science to Sociology
The School, the College, and the University, in Relation to One Another and to Active Life
Female Education
Morphology and Its Connection with Fine Art
Lefevre, Rev. Jacob Amos [1830-1905] The Diaconate of Scripture
The Diaconate of Scripture Again
The Jurisdiction of the Evangelist, Part I
The Jurisdiction of the Evangelist, Part I
The Presbyterian Diaconate
The Presbyterian Diaconate Again

Leucht, Rabbi J.L. [Touro Synagogue, New Orleans, LA]
The Mysteries of the Book of Esther
Lewis, Rev. Francis Walton [1851-1928] A Plea for the Study of Hebrew
Leyburn, Rev. George Lacon [1839-1920] Pan-Hellenism
Leyburn, Rev. George W. [1809-1875] The Evangelical Alliance Conference of 1873.
The Greek Catholic Church
Lindsay, Rev. John Oliver [1823-1900] The Ordinance of Giving
The Religious Awakening of 1858
Logan, Rev. James Venable [1835-1908] A Personal God the Postulate of Reason; Faith the Principle of Knowledge
Long, Rev. Isaac J.
Powers of the General Assembly
Lowrie, John M. Reason and Future Punishment
The Presbyterian Church and Foreign Missions
Lowrie, Rev. Samuel T., D.D. Hebrews vi. 1-8, Explained
Lyon, Rev. James Adair [1814-1882]

A Supernatural Revelation Necessary
Christianity-A Disciplinary Element in an Education
Inauguration of the Rev. Dr. William S. Plumer
Religion and Politics
Slavery and the Duties Growing out of the Relation
The General Assembly at Augusta
The New Theological Professorship of Natural Science in Connection with Revealed Religion
The Southern Presbyterian University

Machar, Agnes Maule
[1837 - 1927]
An Apostolic Missionary in China

Mallard, Rev. Robert Quarterman
The Value of the Christian Pulpit
Manget, V.H. Analogy of the Southern Language of Europe with the Latin
The Languages of Southern Europe
Martin, Charles The Relations of Conscience to Truth and Falsehood
Martin, Rev. Edward
The Conversion and Restoration of the Jews
The Law of the Sabbath, in its Bearing upon National Prosperity
Martin, Rev. James Laval [1838-1922] Alphabetical Index to the Titles of Articles in the Southern Presbyterian Review, Volumes I-XXXIV
The Evangelist and Dr. Wilson's Amendment
The Final Perseverance of the Saints versus Carnal Security
The Drift of American Politics
The Scriptural Doctrine of Giving
Martin, Rev. Joseph Hamilton
Proofs of Divine Existence Furnished by Natural Religion
Martin, Rev. Stephen Taylor [1835-1901] The Reviewer Reviewed
McIntyre, Rev. Kenneth Murchison
God's Covenant with Man
The Sabbath
McLees, Rev. John [1812-1882] A Memorial of the Rev. David Humphreys
Meyrowitz, Alexander Ethics of the Fathers
Miller, Rev. Arnold W.
[born, Charleston, SC - died 1891 or 1892]
Annals of the English Presbytery
Christ and the State
Report on the State of the Church
Southern Views and Principles Not "Extinguished" by the War
The Law of the Tithe, and of the Free-Will Offering
The Relation of Baptized Children to the Discipline of the Church, Part I
The Relation of Baptized Children to the Discipline of the Church, Part I
Miller, Rev. John [1819-1895] The "Six Days"
Moore, Rev. Thomas Verner
Timothy's Office
Moore, Rev. William D. [1824-1896] The Testimony of the Rocks
Moragne, W.C. The Statesman
Morris, Rev. Samuel Leslie
The Council of Apostles and Presbyters at Jerusalem
Woman's Place in the Gospel
Moseley, Rev. Bennet Williamson
Christian Unity
Evangelization of the Colored People
Ministerial Training
The Practical Efficiency of our Church
Moseley, Rev. Robert Kelso [1851-1925] What Were the Cherubim?
Mullally, Rev. Francis Patrick
[c. 1830 - 1904]
Man's Sympathy with Man, and the Means of Grace
Rev. Dr. F.P. Mullally's Reply to the Rev. J.A. Quarles
The Power of Woman
Nisbet, the Honorable E.A. Presbyterian Preaching at the South
Otts, Rev. John Martin Philip [1837-1901] The Beautiful
Palmer, Rev. Benjamin Morgan, D.D.
Import of Hebrew History
Lay Evangelism and the Young Men's Christian Associations
 Life, Character, and Genius of the Late Rev. James H. Thornwell
The Art of Conversation
 The Claims of the English Language
 The General Assembly of 1859
The Intellectual and Moral Character of the Jews: Review of Narrative of a Mission of Inquiry to the Jews
The Relation Between the Work of Christ and the Condition of the Angelic World
 The Sensualistic Philosophy of the 19th Century Considered
The Tribunal of History [pdf image scan]
A Plea for Doctrine as the Instrument of Sanctification
 A Vindication of Secession and the South
 An Inquiry into the Doctrine of Imputed Sin
 Baconianism and the Bible
 Christianity Vindicated from the Charge of Fanaticism
 Church and State, Part I
 Church and State, Part II
 Fraternal Relations
Patton, Edmund L. [President of Erskine College, SC]  Psalmody and the Union
Peck, Rev. Thomas Ephraim
 The Demission of the Ministry
  God in Christ
Stuart Robinson's Church of God
 The Action of the Assembly of 1879 on Worldly Amusements
 The Creeds of Christendom
 The Lord's Super
 The Reformation in the Sixteenth Century
 The Sufficiency of the Scriptures--The Pharisees and Sadducees
 Rationalism and Traditionalism
 The Wisdom of Man versus The Power of God
 Thornwell's Writings
 A Bird's Eye View of the Church under the Patriarchs and Moses
 A Memorial of the Life and Labors of the Rev. Stuart Robinson
 Apostolical Succession
 Charge to the Rev. Dr. Joseph R. Wilson, D.D., upon his Inauguration
Peck, Rev. T.R.G. [1837-1905]  The Present and Past Physical State of Palestine
Pharr, Rev. Samuel Caldwell
 An Inquiry;--Are the Wicked Immortal?
 Influence of the Christian Religion on Mental Development
 International Copyright Law
 Remarks on I Corinthians xv.32
 The Agathon of Scripture; or, The Rule, Basis and Effects of Spiritual Virtue
 The Credibility and Plenary Inspiration of the Scriptures
 The Primitive State, Character and Happiness of Man
 The Resurrection of Jesus-An Anti-Unitarian Argument
Pitzer, Rev. Alexander White
 The Four Apocalyptic Beasts; or, The Cherubic Symbol
Plumer, Rev. William Swan
 Polemic Theology, in Review of Works by John F. Stapferi and George Hill
The Right Temper for a Theologian
Pond, Enoch, D.D.
[Theological Seminary, Bangor, ME]
 Historical Sketch of Systems of Theology
 Historical Sketch of the Weekly Sabbath
 Objections to the German Transcendental Philosophy
 Philosophy in the Church
 Spiritual Beneficence
 The Pelagian Controversy
The Synod of Dort
Porter, Rev. Abner Addison, D.D.
 Hodge on the Atonement
Humboldt's Correspondence
 North and South
On a Call to the Gospel Ministry, Part I
 On a Call to the Gospel Ministry, Part II
 Review: The Power of the Pulpit, by Gardiner Spring
 The Unity of the Race
Pratt, Rev. Henry Barrington
 God's Righteousness to be Universally Confessed
 The Hope of the Gospel
Pratt, Rev. John Wood, D.D.
 Cain: A Speculation
Pressley, J.P.  The Throne of God, 9.1 (July 1855) 56-71.
Preston, Col. John Thomas Lewis
[1811-1888 or 1890]
 Marcus Aurelius
 Religious Education of the Colored People of the South
 The Colored Man in the South
 The Evangelist in Foreign Fields
 The Light of Asia, and Buddhism
 The Mind of Man, The Image of God
 Whitefield and his Times
 Articles entered under "Anonymous", but attributed to Preston:
 The Christian Life
 The Study of Natural History
 A Century of a Presbytery
 A Philosophy of Man Impossible Without Aid from  Revelation
 Caleb, a Bible Study
 Froude's Bunyan
 Life of Horace Mann
Primrose, Rev. John W. [1838-1907]  A Plea for Emphasizing the Divine Right of Presbytery
Quarles, Rev. James Addison
 Cause-First and Final
 Dr. Thornwell and Our Church Policy
 Education and Christianity
 Our Church Policy-Shall It be Progress or Petrifaction?
 The Bible a Divine Revelation
 The Family Idea of the Church
 The One Visible Church and the Many Denominations
 The Sabbath
 What is a Call to the Gospel Ministry?
Ramsey, Rev. James Beverlin
The Deaconship
 The History of the Spiritual Kingdom
Rankin, , Rev. David Cyrus
[1847-d, 28 Dec 1902, in Korea]
 Our Brother in Black
 Our Church and Her Work Amongst the Negroes
Rankin, Rev. John C.  The Coming of the Lord
Rawlings, Rev. James Minor [1846-1898]  Spiritualism, 28.2 (April 1877) 270-298.
Reed, , Rev. Richard Clark
 The Church and Temperance
 The Southern Presbyterian Church and the Freedmen
 The Supremacy of the Ancient Classics.
Rice, , Rev. John Holt, D.D.
 The Princeton Review on the State of the Country
 The Science of Pastoral Theology
Riggs, Rev. Elias  Pronunciation of Greek
 The Psalter of the Virgin Mary
Rivers, W.J.  Some Remarks on the Influence of Magazines and Reviews on Authorship, and a Suggestion for an Authoritative Canon of Classic English Authors

Robinson, Rev. Stuart
John Knox, as the English and as the Scottish Reformer, Part I
 John Knox, as the English and as the Scottish Reformer, Part II
 Recently Discovered Memoranda of the Westminster Assembly
 Report of Proceedings of the Edinburgh Council
 The General Assembly of 1854
 The Revised Book of Church Order
Rockwell, Rev. Elijah Frink [1809-1888]  Superiority of the Greeks in Literature and the Fine Arts
 The Early Conversion of Children
 The Final Destiny of Our Globe
 The Free Grace of God and the Free Will of Man
 The Millennium
 The Phenomena of Freezing Water in the Book of Job
 The Prophetic Period of 1260 Years
 Various Readings of John 10:28 - 29
 Alphabet of Natural Theology
 On the Bdellium of the Bible
 On the Manna of the Israelites
 On the Origin of the Name Assyria
 On the Scene in Revelation, Chapters IV and V
 Sketch of the Life of Rev. Stephen Frontis
Rockwell, E.L. [Professor, Davidson College, NC]    Analogy between the Formation of the Pihel Conjugation in  Hebrew and the Perfect Tense in Latin

Rogers, Ebenezer Platt

 Liberal Christianity, in Review of Public Causes for Gratitude, a sermon by C.A. Bartol
 Orthodoxy in New England
 Reflections Upon Heaven
 Mercantile Morals
 The Obstacles to Ministerial Piety

Ross, Frederick Augustus
 Card of the Rev. Dr. F.A. Ross
 Right and Wrong; or, A Check to Atheism, Part I
 Right and Wrong; or, A Check to Atheism, Part II
Ross, Rev. John B. [1814-1871]  John Howard and the Prison World of Europe
 The Unpardonable Sin
Ruffner, Rev. William Henry [1824-1908]  Congregational Temporalities

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