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[Cabel - Frierson]
[June, 1847 - October, 1885]
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Cabel, J.L., M.D. Testimony of Modern Science to the Unity of Mankind
Campbell, Samuel D. An Educated Ministry-The Board of Education
Campbell, Rev. William Addison [1829-1896] The Transfiguration
Cartledge, Rev. Groves Harrison [1820-1899] An Exposition of Romans vi. 4
Carver, Thomas G. Inspiration versus Morell's Theory
Cassels, Rev. Samuel Jones
[1806 - 15 June 1853]
Arminianism Restrictive of Divine Free Agency
Conscience-Its Nature, Office, and Authority
Domestic Literature: Tallulah and other Poems
Obituary and final correspondence
Remarks upon the Will, with some Strictures upon the Opinions of McCosh
The Holy Scriptures
The Origin of Our Ideas Concerning a God
The Relation of Justice to Benevolence in the Conduct of Society
Unconditional Decrees
Cater, Rev. Edwin [1813-1882] A Plea in Behalf of the Widows and Orphans of Deceased Ministers of the PCUS
Geological Speculation
Clisby, Rev. Aaron Warner [1827-1902 or 1903] The Law-Giving at Jerusalem
Cocke, Rev. Alonzo Rice
[7 January 1858 - 23 August 1901]
"Am I Free?" Considered
The Self-Evidencing Light of the Bible
Cocke, Judge W. Archer, Monticello, FL Christianity and Greek Philosophy
Moral Philosophy and Christianity
The Religious Principle the Life of the Nation
Cohen, James A Plea for the Study of Hebrew Literature
Life and Writings of Maimonides
Vindication of the Messianic Interpretation of the 53d Chapter of Isaiah, Part I
Vindication of the Messianic Interpretation of the 53d Chapter of Isaiah, Part II
Correspondence Correspondence Concerning Hall County, Georgia
Correspondence Touching the Christians, between Pliny and Trajan
Coulson, G.J.A., Esq. Asceticism
Capital and Labor, Part I
Capital and Labor, Part II
God and Moral Obligation
God's Marriage Law
Life Insurance
Rights and Duties
The Drift of American Politics
The Example of Christ
The Future of the Freedmen
The Internationals
The Law of Marriage
The Life of Christ
The Royal Seed
The Two Trees in Eden
Virus, Mental and Moral
Cozby, Rev. James Smith [1837-1894] General Assembly Versus Government
Curtis, Thomas A Standard English Bible
John the Baptist, the Unitarian Jesus
The Intermediate State
The Life of Thomas Paine
The Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal in England
Correspondence regarding the Palmetto Regiment
Dabney, Rev. Robert Lewis, D.D.
Address ... on the Simplicity of Pulpit Style
Examination of the Leading Points of the System of Alexander Campbell
Broad Churchism
Endless Punishment
Dr. Bledsoe's Philosophy of Volition
Doctrine of Original Sin
Hodge's Systematic Theology
Lay Preaching
Morality of the Legal Profession
Prelacy a Blunder
Principles of Christian Economy
Professor W. Robertson Smith
Sabbath Controversy
The Caution Against Anti-Christian Science Criticized by Dr. Woodrow
The Changes Proposed in our Book of Discipline
The Dancing Question
The Emotions, 35.3 (July 1884)
The General Assembly of 1881
The Influence of the German University System on Theological Literature
The Nature of Physical Causes and Their Induction
The Pan-Presbyterian Alliancehe Philosophy of Dr. Bledsoe
The Presbyterian Reunion, North
The Public Preaching of Women
The Revised Version of the New Testament
The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government
The Sabbath of the State
Theology of the Plymouth Brethren
What is Inductive Demonstration?
Wilson's Slave Power in America
Dana, William Coombs [1810-1880] A Reasonable Answer to the Skeptic
Daniel, Rev. Dr. Eugene
[1849 - 1935]
The Perkins Professor's Case Viewed in the Light of Law and Equity
Darnall, Rev. William H. [1841-1921] The Creation
Davidson, J. Wood The Burden of Egypt
Davis, Rev. Edward Payson
The Regal Character of Christ
Demarest, Rev. David D. [30 July 1819 - ?] The Reformed Church in America
Dickson, Rev. Andrew Flinn
A Step in Advance
God and the Bible
God's Rest, Our Rest
Hymn-Book Making
Lecky's History of European Morals
Life and Times of Dr. Spring
Life Out of Death
Our Problem
The Knowledge of God, as Obtained from Scripture and from 4Nature
The Reign of Law
Upham's Interior Life, and the Doctrine of Holiness
Douglas, Rev. John [1809-1879] On Organs
Pastoral Relations and Duties
DuBose, Rev. Hampden Coit
[1845-1910; foreign missionary,
president of the Anti-Opium League]
Opium Smoking and the Chinese
Epstein, A.H. Introduction to Paul's Epistles
Falconer, Alexander, Esq. William Carstares
Faraday, Professor The Education of the Judgment, from Modern Culture
Findley, William T. Unity and Infallibility of the Church of Rome
Flinn, Rev. John William
Evolution and Theology, Part I
Evolution and Theology, Part II
Supernatural Revelation
The General Assembly of 1883
Flint, Rev. Robert Professor Flint's Sermon Before the General Council of Edinburgh
Flournoy, Rev. Parke Poindexter [1839-1935] "Evolutionary Ethics and Christianity,"
The Ministerial Gift
Fowles, J.H. The Living Baptized for the Dead
Fraser, Rev. Donald [born, Liberty County, GA - died, on train, 12 September 1887] Modern Infidelity
Frierson, Rev. David Ethan

Frierson, Rev. Edward Ogelvie

Gnosticism and the Relation of the Church to Heresies.
The Apocryphal New Testament
The Scotch Covenanters

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