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[June, 1847 - October, 1885]
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Sachtleben, Professor A.  The Technical Development of Attic Tragedy
Schumann, Theodore Galileo Galilei
Scott, W.A.
Uniqueness and Superiority of Our Lord's Teaching
Scott, W.E. The Power of Moral Habit, as it Affects the Power of Faith
Scott, W.L., Esq. [Memphis, TN] The Nature of the Atonement-Why it is necessarily Vicarious
Shearer, Rev. James William [1840-1921] Is the Lot an Ordinance of God?

Shepperson, John G.
On the Nature and Importance of a Christian Profession, and It Connexion with Membership in the Visible Church
Philosophy of Sir William Hamilton
Sermons of the Late Rev. Benjamin F. Stanton
The Authority of Ecclesiastical Rulers, Part I
The Authority of Ecclesiastical Rulers, Part II
The Unity of the Church
Who are Members of the Visible Church?-or Infant Baptism
Correspondence regarding "On the Nature and Importance of a Christian Profession,"
On the Conversion of the World, Part I
On the Conversion of the World, Part II
On the Conversion of the World, Part III
Also attributed to Rev. Shepperson:
4The Recent Origin of Man, 28.1 (January 1877) 102-128.
Skinner, Rev. Thomas Harvey, Jr.
The Argument for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Smith, Rev. Benjamin Mosby
A New "Testimony of the Rocks;" or, The Cuneiform Inscriptions and Biblical History in the Old Testament, Part I
A New "Testimony of the Rocks;" or, The Cuneiform Inscriptions and Biblical History in the Old Testament, Part II
The Brethren of our Lord
The Sacraments of the New Testament

Smith, Rev. Henry Martyn [1828-1894]
What Is Conscience?
Smith, Rev. Samuel Macon [1851-1910] Frederick W. Robertson
Rationalism in the Church versus Rationalism Without
Smith, Rev. Professor W.R. The Place of Theology in the Work and Growth of the Church
Smoot, Rev. Richmond Kelley [1836-1905] The General Assembly of 1873
Smylie, Rev. John Addison [1812-1878 or '79]  The Amended Form of Government
 The Church
 The Presbyterate
Smyth, J. Jones  The Life and Death of Francis Turretin
Smyth, Rev. Thomas
 The Divine Appointment and Obligation of Capital Punishment
 The Doctrine of the Trinity either the Offspring of Reason or of Primitive Revelation
 The Doctrine of the Trinity, Not Theoretical or Speculative, but Practical in its Nature and Fundamental in its Importance
 The Late Dr. Chalmers, and the Lessons of his Life, from Personal Recollections
The Nature and Origin of the Pagan Doctrine of Triads, or a Trinity
 The Necessity and Importance of Controversy
 The Office of Deacon
 The Primitive Revelation of a Divine and Incarnate Saviour Traced in the History and Rites of Bacchus
The Province of Reason, especially in Matters of Religion
 The Scriptural and Divine Right for Using Mechanical as well as Vocal Instruments in the Worship of God
 The Scriptural Doctrine of the Second Advent
 The Testimony of the Ancient Jews to the Trinity
 The Testimony of the Early Fathers to the Trinity
 The Testimony of the Reformers to the Trinity
 The Trinity of the Godhead, the Doctrine of the Scriptures, Part I
 The Trinity of the Godhead, Part II
 The Trinity of the Godhead, Part III
 The Trinity of the Godhead, Part IV
 The Victory of Manassas Plains
 The War of the South Vindicated
 Assurance-Witness of the Spirit-And the Call to the Ministry
 National Righteousness
 Objections to the Doctrine of the Trinity from the Unity of God, as Taught in Scripture, Answered
 On Elohim as a Title of God, and as Implying a Plurality in the Godhead
 On the Trinity ["A Priori Objections to the Doctrine of the Trinity Considered"]
 Parochial Schools
 Presbyterianism - The Revolution - The Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution
 Presumptive Arguments for the Doctrine of the Trinity
 Teachings of the Dead Sea
 The Battle of Fort Sumter: Its Mystery and Miracle-God's Mastery and Mercy
 The Bible and Not Reason, the Only Certain and Authoritative Source of Our Knowledge, Even of the Existence of God
The Bible and Not Reason, the Only Authoritative Source and Standard of Our Knowledge of the Nature of God-What it Teaches Concerning the Unity of God
 The Call to the Ministry-Its Nature and Evidence
 The Distinctions in the Godhead Personal, and not Nominal
Smythe, Rev. William McKelvey
 A Brief Inquiry into the Nature of Jephthah's Vow [Judges 11:30-40]
A Critical Examination of I Peter, III:19
 Critical Remarks on the Institution of the Lord's Supper
 Observations on 1 John 5:7, 8
 The Blasphemy Against the Holy Ghost, and the Sin Unto Death
Stacy, Rev. James
 Symbolical Import of Baptism
 "The Lord's Day and Not the Jewish Sabbath" Reviewed
Stanfield, J.A.  The Unjust Steward
Stanfield, S.W. 4Scripturalism and Rationalism
Stillman, Rev. Charles Allen [1819-1895]  Giving, an Essential Part of True Piety
 Success in the Ministry
 The Benefits of Infant Baptism
Stoddert, Rev. William S. [1824-1885]  Remission of Sins in Immersion, and the Book of the Acts
 The World's Marriage Law and the Deceased Wife's Sister
Talmadge, Rev. Samuel Kennedy [1798-1865]  The Life of Archibald Alexander, D.D.
Thornwell, Rev. James Henley
 Report on Slavery
 Revelation and Inspiration
 Revised Book of Discipline
 Slavery and the Religious Instruction of the Coloured Population
 The Christian Pastor
 The Elder Question, in Review of The Christian Pastor
 The General Assembly
 Breckinridge's Knowledge of God, Subjectively Considered
 The Office of Reason in Regard to Revelation
 The Philosophy of Religion, Part I
 The Philosophy of Religion, Part II
 The Princeton Review and Presbyterianism
 The State of the Country
 Thoughts Upon the Priesthood of Christ
 Validity of Popish Baptism, Part I
 Validity of Popish Baptism, Part II
 Validity of Popish Baptism, Part III
A Few More Words on the Revised Book of Discipline
 Address of the Presbyterian Church in the Confederate States to all the Churches of Jesus Christ throughout the Earth
 Baird's Elohim Revealed
 Breckinridge's Theology
 Dr. Thornwell on Ruling Elders
 On Matthew XXII.29
 National Sins: A Fast Day Sermon
 Paley's Moral Philosophy
 Paul's Preaching at Athens
 Public Instruction in South Carolina: Letter to Governor Manning, dated November 1853
Tusten, J.P.  Chivalry and Civilization
Van Zandt, A.B.  The Romish Controversy, Its Present Aspect, and the Duty of the Church with Reference to It
 Thirty-third Annual Report of the American Bible Society, May, 1849
Vaughn, Rev. Clement Read
 Bible Principles on Temperance
 The Doctrine of Future Punishment, Part I
 The Doctrine of Future Punishment, Part II
 The Evangelist in Foreign Fields
Venable, C.S.  Alexander von Humboldt
Waddell, Rev. James Addison [1817-1905]  Method of the Argument for the Existence of God
 Prelatic Assumptions
 Political Religion
 Re-Examination of Dr. Girardeau's Views of the Freedom of the Will
 Relations of the Church to Civil Authority
 The Failures and Fallacies of Pre-Historic Archaeology
 The Scriptural Doctrine of Order
4A Re-Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Theory of Causality
4A True Conservatism
4Contrary Choice
4Critical Discussion of Causality
Waddel, Rev. John Newton
 Halsey's Literary Attractions of the Bible
 The Lecture System-Its Influence upon Young Men
 The Westminster Review on "Christian Revivals,"
 The Works of Philip Lindsley, D.D.
Walker, J.M.  Private Christians in their Relations to the Unbelieving World
 The Divinity of Christ
 Thoughts on Original Sin
Wallace, Rev. James Albert
 Dissertation on Romans 8:19-22
 Necrology: Rev. James White Stephenson, D.D.
 The Dead Sea
 The Intermediate State
Wallace, Rev. Marcus Jediah [1819-1878]  Education
Warfield, Rev. Benjamin Breckinridge, D.D.
 Dr. Edwin A. Abbott on the Genuineness of Second Peter
 Some Recent Apocryphal Gospels
 The Canonicity of Second Peter
  Watts, Dr. Isaac [1674-1748]  A Short Essay Toward the Improvement of Psalmody
White, Rev. Henry Martyn [1836-1910]  The Vital Connexion between Revelation and Sound Learning
White, Rev. Robert Baker [1816-1894]  The Influence of Presbyterianism on the Culture of the Human Intellect and the Progress of Piety
Whiting, William H., Jr.  A Word for the Classics
Wilson, Rev. John Leighton
 Our Schemes of Benevolence-Shall They Be Revolutionised?  Personal Engagement in the Work of Foreign Missions
 Presbyterian Polity and Foreign Missions
 The Certainty of the World's Conversion
 The Church's Method of Conducting Foreign Missionary Work
 The Moral Condition of Western Africa
 The People and Languages of Western Africa
 The Revival of the Slave Trade
 Thoughts on Foreign Missions
 Favorable Indications for the Introduction and Spread of Christianity in Africa
 Foreign Missions
 Geographical Discoveries in Equatorial Africa
 Home Missions-How Shall They Be Conducted?
 Missions to the Oriental Churches
Wilson, Rev. Joseph Ruggles, D.D. [1825-1903]  Concerning the Manner of Preaching
Inaugural Address
 In What Sense Preachers to Preach Themselves
 The Doctrine of Hell
 The General Assembly of 1862
 The Life of Joseph Addison Alexander
Witherow, Rev. Thomas Scott [1827-1908]  History of the Vatican Council
 The Three Creeds
Witherspoon, J.R., M.D.  Biographical Sketches of Major John James
 Necrology: Rev. Thomas Reese, D.D.
 Necrology: A Brief Memoir of the Rev. James Edmonds
Witherspoon, Rev. Thomas Dwight
 The Providence of God as Related to the Work of Redemption
Woodrow, James
 A Further Examination of Certain Recent Assaults on Physical Science
 Geology and its Assailants
 Inaugural Address of Rev. James Woodrow, Ph.D.
 Professor Woodrow's Speech Before the Synod of South Carolina
Young, John C.
 Ambition Rebuked

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