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Periodical Holdings: Q-R

The list provided below gives details on the periodicals currently housed at the PCA Historical Center, including title, publisher name and location, series run dates, issues held by the Historical Center and issues currently needed to complete the series run of that title.
If you have copies of any issues that we are lacking, and would care to donate these to the Center, please contact us at your convenience.

Where feasible, photocopies of periodical articles can be made available. However, many periodicals are too fragile to allow for photocopying. For these materials, transcriptions may, in most cases, be ordered. Copies are produced for private use only, except as noted in the table below. Purchaser is responsible for obeying all relevant copyright laws.

6 Order information for copies of periodical articles 6
Category Price
Photocopies $0.30 per page, plus actual postage
Transcription [of fragile documents, etc.] $25.00 per page
Digital scan of images or pages, for private use [jpg file @ 100 dpi] $10.00 per scan
Photographic paper prints of images, for private use, 4" x 6" size prints: $5.00 per print
Photographic paper prints of images, for private use, 8" x 10" size prints: $10.00 per print
Electronic text preparation, for private use only [MS Word or pdf format] $10.00 per page
Digital scan of images for commercial use [.jpg file @ 300 dpi] $75.00 per each scan
Digital scan of images for commercial use [.tiff file @ 300 dpi or higher] $100.00 per each scan
Electronic text preparation, for commerical reproduction $50.00 per each page
[All prices above, except for photocopies, include postage and/or electronic file transfer.]
Payment should be made by check, made to the PCA Historical Center, 12330 Conway Road, St. Louis, MO 63141

  The Reformation Pulpit  
Lake Ariel, PA : Reformation Gospel Society Series Run: v. 1, n. 1 (Jan. 1989) - [ ? ]
Holdings: v. 2, n. 6 (May/June 1990) only Lacking: all other issues
Reformation Reader Reformation Reader
Chambersburg, PA : 20th Century Reformation Hour Friends Committee Series Run: 1976 - ?
Holdings: 2.11 (Nov. 1977) - 5.7 (July 1980), with gaps Lacking: 1.1 (1976) - 2.10 (Oct. 1977) plus scattered issues.
Note: Appears to have been published monthly, with some exceptions.
reformationreviewsmall The Reformation Review  
The Netherlands: International Council of Christian Churches Series Run: 1.1 (Oct. 1953)-22.1 (Oct. 1975); 24.1 (Jan. 1979)-ff.
Holdings: 1.1 (Oct. 1953) - 22.1 (Oct. 1975) Lacking: Issues #1.2; 6.2; and 17.2
"For the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ"
Reformation Today Reformation Today
Gardenvale, Québec : Reformation Today Series Run: 1.1 (October 1951) - 3.6 (April 1954) - [late 1954]
Holdings: 1.1 (Oct 1951) - 3.3 (Jan 1954) Lacking: 3.4 (Feb 1954); 3.5 (March 1954); 3.6 (April 1954) and
Note: A monthly publication, with W. Stanford Reid as managing editor. Published from Gardenvale, Québec, Oct. 1951 through Dec. 1953 and from Sherbrooke, Québec, Jan. 1954 and following, if any. Associate editors included Rev. Mario di Gangi, Rev. D.W. Kerr and Professor D.C. Masters. The magazine closed toward the end of 1954.
  The Reformed and Presbyterian World  
P Series Run:
Holdings: 1963 - 1965 Lacking:
Reformed Bulletin of Missions The Reformed Bulletin of Missions  
Philadelphia: Committee on Foreign Missions of the OPC Series Run: v. 1, n. 1 (March 1965) - v. 7, n. 2 (December 1972)
Holdings: Complete Index available online
Note: Edited by Rev. Harvie M. Conn (March 1965-July 1969) and Rev. Herbert W. Bird (November 1969-December 1972)
  Reformed Faith and Practice: The Journal of Reformed Theological Seminary
Jackson, MS: John R. Muether, editor Series Run: 1.1 (May 2016) - [ongoing]
Holdings: 2016 - [ongoing] Lacking: none
Note: This is a born-digital publication issued three times a year. Copies of these files are preserved at the Historical Center.
  The Reformed Herald  
Eureka, SD: Reformed Church in the United States Series Run:
Holdings: v. 56, n. 6 (February 2000) - current Lacking: volumes 1 - 55
Note: "A publication of the Reformed Church in the United States
  The Reformed Presbyterian
Various, incl. Newburgh, NY: Printed by J.D. Spalding Series Run: 1.1 (March 1837) - volume 25 (1862)
Holdings:: 3.7 (Sep 1839) ; 4.11 (Jan 1841) and Vols. 12 and 13 (bound)

Editors of The Reformed Presbyterian were Moses Roney [1837-Feb. 1848] ; David Scott [Mar. 1948-Feb. 1849] during Roney's illness ; Moses Roney [Mar. 1849-1854] ; and Thomas Sproull, [1855-1962]. The Reformed Presbyterian merged with The Covenanter to form Reformed Presbyterian and Coveanter.

  The Reformed Presbyterian Advocate, 1867 - 1965  
Philadelphia: G.S. Ferguson [etc.] Series Run: January 1867 - December 1889.
Holdings: v. 1, n. 1 (January 1867) - v. 23, n. 12 (Dec 1889) Lacking: 1871; 1877;
Note: Merged with: Evangelical Presbyterian Reporter to form Reformed Presbyterian Reporter.
refprescov_sm The Reformed Presbyterian and Covenanter
Pittsburgh: Myers, Shinkle & Co.
; Editors: J.W. Sproull and D.B. Willson.
Series Run: v. 1 (Jan. 1863) -v. 24 (Jan. 1896)
Holdings: v. 1 (1863) - v. 20 (1882)
Lacking: v. 21 (1883) and following
Note: Formed by union of the Reformed Presbyterian [1837-1862] and the Covenanter [1845-1862].
In addition to our print holdings, digital files in PDF format are also available.
Reformed Presbyterian Reporter The Reformed Presbyterian Reporter
Walker, Iowa: Magazine Committee of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod
Series Run: v. 99, no. 14 (May 1965) - v. 102, n. 6 (Jan 1969) Holdings: complete
Note: Formed by merger of Evangelical Presbyterian Reporter and Reformed Presbyterian Advocate, and continued the numbering of the latter.
  The Reformed Presbyterian Witness  
Glasgow: George Gallie Series Run: v. 1, n. 1 (July 1864) - [v. 12 ? ]
Holdings: v.1, n. 1 - v. 6, Lacking: v. 7ff.
Note: "Conducted by a committee of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland"
  The Reformed Presbyterian Witness and Missionary Advocate
Pittsburgh, PA: Series Run:
Holdings: 1902 - 1911 Lacking:
renews reNews: A Publication of Presbyterians for Renewal
Louisville, KY: Presbyterians for Renewal Series Run: v. 1, n. 1 (March 1990) - [ongoing]
Holdings: v. 1, n. 1 (March 1990) - v. 3, n. 2 (July 1992) and scattered issues thereafter.
Lacking: most after July 1992

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