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Periodical Holdings: W-Z

The list provided below gives details on the periodicals currently housed at the PCA Historical Center, including title, publisher name and location, series run dates, issues held by the Historical Center and issues currently needed to complete the series run of that title.
If you have copies of any issues that we are lacking, and would care to donate these to the Center, please contact us at your convenience.

Where feasible, photocopies of periodical articles can be made available. However, many periodicals are too fragile to allow for photocopying. For these materials, transcriptions may, in most cases, be ordered. Copies are produced for private use only, except as noted in the table below. Purchaser is responsible for obeying all relevant copyright laws.

Order information for copies of periodical articles
Category Price
Transcription [of fragile documents, etc.]
Digital scan of images or pages, for private use [jpg file @ 100 dpi]
Photographic paper prints of images, for private use, 4" x 6" size prints:
Photographic paper prints of images, for private use, 8" x 10" size prints:
Electronic text preparation, for private use only [MS Word or pdf format]
Digital scan of images for commercial use [.jpg file @ 300 dpi]
Digital scan of images for commercial use [.tiff file @ 300 dpi or higher]
Electronic text preparation, for commerical reproduction
$0.30 per page, plus postage
$25.00 per page

$10.00 per scan
$5.00 per print
$10.00 per print
$10.00 per page
$75.00 per each scan
$100.00 per each scan
$50.00 per each page
[All prices above, except for photocopies, include postage and/or electronic file transfer.]
Payment should be made by check, payable to the PCA Historical Center, 12330 Conway Road, St. Louis, MO 63141

Periodicals, W-Z
  The Watchman & Observer
Richmond ,VA : Benjamin Gildersleeve [1791-1875]
Series Run: v. 1, n. 1 (21 Aug. 1845) - v. 10, n. 52 (2 Aug. 1855)
Holdings: Complete, on three rolls of microfilm
Preceeding Title : The Watchman of the South [1837-1845] and The Charleston Observer [1827-1845]
Succeeding Title: The Central Presbyterian [1856-1908]
WRS Journal The WRS Journal
Tacoma, WA : Western Reformed Seminary
Series Run: v. 1, n. 1 (1 August 1994) - 16.2 August 2009 [last known issue]
Holdings: complete
Note: Published semi-annually and available electronically at http://www.wrs.edu
  The Western Voice
Series Run:
Holdings: 1954 - 1955
Lacking: Most
Westminster Journal Westminster Theological Journal
Philadelphia: Westminster Theological Seminary
Series Run: v. 1, n. 1 (November 1938) - [ongoing]
Holdings: 14.1 - present, with gaps
Lacking: 1.1-13.2; 14.2-15.2; 16.2-17.2; 20.1-2; 21.1; 22.1.
Note: See OPAC entries for contents of each issue.
  The Witness
Willow Grove, PA: Covenant House

Series Run: v. 1, n. 1 (April 1946) - v. 14 (1959)

Holdings: v. 8, n. 7 - v. 13, n. 7, with some missing issues.
Lacking:1946 - 1952 and scattered issues thereafter
Note: "A Christian Magazine for the Family"; Succeeding Title: Reformed Presbyterian Advocate
  Witness and Work
Columbia, S.C., Bristol, TN
Series Run: Oct [?] 1952 - 1953
Holdings: Nov. 1952 - Dec. 1952. Lacking: Oct. 1952.
Note: Description based on: 1952./ Devoted to the interests of the Bible Presbytrian testimony.
  Woman's Work for Woman
New York : Woman's Foreign Missionary Societies of the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
Series Run: Woman's Work for Woman and Our Mission Field, vols. 1--4 (1886-1889); Woman's Work for Woman, vols. 5-19 (1890-1904).Holdings: Volumes 9 (1894) & 10 (1895), [single bound vol.]. Lacking: vols. 1-4 ; 5-8 and 11-19
Succeeding Title: Home Mission Monthly; Apr. 1924; Women and Missions
  The Women's Missionary Magazine of the United Presbyterian Church of North America
Pittsburgh, PA : Women's General Missionary Society of the UPCNA
Holdings: 22.4 (Nov. 1908); 27.10 (May 1914); 28.2 (Sept. 1914); 28.9 (Apr 1915); 33.6 (Jan. 1920); 34.6 (Jan. 1921); 61.6 (Feb. 1948); and 61.8 (Apr. 1948) Series Run: 1.1 (Aug. 1887) - 66.11 (July/August 1953). Lacking: Most.
Succeeding title : Missionary Horizons, 67.1 (Sept. 1953) - 1958. Ceased publication and merged with Outreach (Concord, NH) to form Concern (New York, NY), 1959-1976 [UPCUSA], which then became Concern Magazine/Newsfold, Jan. 1977-Apr. 1988; then Horizons, 1.1 (July/Aug. 1988)-ongoing [PC(USA)].
Asheville, NC: God's World Publications

Series Run: v. 1, n. 1 (17 March 1986) - [ongoing]
Holdings: most issues. Lacking:
Note: Succeeding title to The Presbyterian Journal
  The Youth's Evangelist.
Philadelphia, PA: James M. Ferguson, editor and proprietor. Publication relocated to Pittsburgh, PA some time after 1865.
Series Run: 1859 - 1930 (v. 70).
Holdings: Volume 7, numbers 1 - 24, 1865 [bound]. Lacking:
Note: "prepared expressly for use in the Sabbath Schools of the Reformed and United Presbyterian Churches."

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