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James Augustine & Pauline Herron McAlpine

Manuscript Collection #021
Box #318

Content Summary: Biographical and autobiographical materials on the life of James H. Ballagh, maternal grandfather of the Rev. McAlpine; Family correspondence; Correspondence with the PCUS Board of World Missions; News clipping files.

Span dates: b Size: 1.0 cu. ft. (one box)

Access: This collection is open to researchers.

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PCA Historical Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

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James Augustine McAlpine
[14 September 1905 – 20 May 1982]

Box 318
[folders have been sorted alphabetically for ease of reference]
ƒ01—Finding Aid
ƒ08—Articles for publication
ƒ25—Ballagh, Carrie E., 1882, Journal [copy, 56pp.]
ƒ09—Ballagh, James Hamilton - [click here for a photograph of Rev. Ballagh] - [click here for folder contents in PDF format]
ƒ10—Ballagh, James Hamilton, Autobiography [35pp., typescript of handwritten account, circa 1910]
ƒ11—Ballagh, James Hamilton, Autobiography, copy, pages 2 - 35
ƒ12—Ballagh, James Hamilton, Autobiography, copy, pages 36 - 71
ƒ13—Ballagh, James Hamilton, Autobiography, original
ƒ14—Ballagh, James Hamilton, Autobiography, typescript copy from original, pages 1-35
ƒ15—Ballagh, James Hamilton, Correspondence re Genealogy, 1911 [7pp., photocopies from family Bible and typescript copy of portion]
ƒ16—Ballagh, James Hamilton, Correspondence to his grandson, 1916, photocopy of original and typed copy with added biographical note by J.A. McAlpine
ƒ17—Ballagh, James Hamilton, Letters on completing 50 years of missionary service [photocopies, 11pp.]
ƒ18—Ballagh, James Hamilton, Letters on completing 50 years of missionary service [originals]
ƒ19—Ballagh, James Hamilton, Sermons, Essays [originals, 26pp.]
ƒ22—Ballagh, James Hamilton, Writings [small bound journal, first pages illegible]
ƒ23—Ballagh, James Hamilton, Writings [bound journal, 106pp.]
ƒ21—Ballagh, James Hamilton, Writings [bound journal, 100pp.; handwritten letters and poems, 8pp.]
ƒ24—Ballagh, James Hamilton, Writings: bound journal, 100pp.; handwritten letters, 22 leaves; The Christian Herald, November 14, 1906, pages 951-952
ƒ20—Ballagh, James Hamilton, Writings, 1899 - 1908 [bound journal, 100pp.]
ƒ26—Ballagh, Margaret Kinear, Correspondence, 7pp.
ƒ27—Ballagh, Margaret Kinear, Glimpses of Old Japan, pages 1 - 63
ƒ28—Ballagh, Margaret Kinear, Glimpses of Old Japan, pages 64 - 126
ƒ29—Bible Study, Revelation to John
ƒ30—Biographical Material, James & Pauline McAlpine
ƒ31—Board of World Missions (PCUS)
ƒ43—Board of World Missions (PCUS), 1968 - 1970, Correspondence
ƒ42—Board of World Missions (PCUS), 1971, Correspondence
ƒ41—Board of World Missions (PCUS), 1972 - 1975, Correspondence
ƒ40—Board of World Missions (PCUS), Correspondence, including response to tensions in PCUS; Presbyterian Journal article by Dwight Linton, Executive Committee on Overseas Evangelism
ƒ32—Board of World Missions (PCUS), Treasurer's Reports, and Radio Program, "Hour for Christ"
ƒ33—Church History
ƒ34—Church Newsletter, Articles
ƒ39—Correspondence, 1976
ƒ38—Correspondence, 1982 - 1984
ƒ36—Correspondence, Folder 1
ƒ37—Correspondence, Folder 2
ƒ44—Executive Committee (PCUS), 1970 - 1973, Correspondence
ƒ70—McAlpine Family, 1908 - 1915, 1920, Correspondence
ƒ69—McAlpine Family, 1922 - 1924, Correspondence
ƒ68—McAlpine Family, 1925 - 1927, Correspondence
ƒ67—McAlpine Family, 1928 - 1931, Correspondence
ƒ66—McAlpine Family, 1932 - 1933, Correspondence
ƒ65—McAlpine Family, 1934 - 1936, Correspondence
ƒ64—McAlpine Family, 1937 - 1947, Correspondence
ƒ61—McAlpine Family, [195?], Correspondence
ƒ60—McAlpine Family, 1950 - 1953, Correspondence
ƒ62—McAlpine Family, 1956 - 1957, Correspondence [Pauline's letters, rescued from fire]
ƒ59—McAlpine Family, 1957 - 1959, Correspondence
ƒ63—McAlpine Family, 1957 - 1959, Correspondence [Pauline's letters, rescued from fire]
ƒ54—McAlpine Family, 1960 - 1967, Correspondence
ƒ55—McAlpine Family, 1960's, Correspondence, Folder 1
ƒ56—McAlpine Family, 1960's, Correspondence, Folder 2
ƒ57—McAlpine Family, 1960's, Correspondence, Folder 3
ƒ58—McAlpine Family, 1960's, Correspondence, Folder 4
ƒ53—McAlpine Family, 1968 - 1969, Correspondence
ƒ52—McAlpine Family, 1968 - 1972, Correspondence
ƒ51—McAlpine Family, 1970 - 1973, Correspondence
ƒ49—McAlpine Family, 1970 - 1975, Correspondence
ƒ50—McAlpine Family, 1972 - 1973, Correspondence
ƒ47—McAlpine Family, 1974, Correspondence, Folder 1
ƒ48—McAlpine Family, 1974, Correspondence, Folder 2
ƒ46—McAlpine Family, 1976 - 1982, Correspondence
ƒ73—McAlpine Family, 1978 - 1981, Correspondence of Anne and Jean [daughters of Rev. McAlpine]
ƒ72—McAlpine Family, 1982 - 1983, Correspondence of Anne and Jean [daughters of Rev. McAlpine]
ƒ45—McAlpine Family, 1982 - 1984, Correspondence
ƒ71—McAlpine Family, 1983 - 1984, Correspondence of Anne and Jean [daughters of Rev. McAlpine]
ƒ04—Newspaper & Magazine articles, 1957 - 1959
ƒ02—Newspaper & Magazine articles, 1974 - 1976
ƒ03—Newspaper & Magazine articles, circa 1968
ƒ07—Newspaper articles, 1936 - 1938
ƒ06—Newspaper articles, miscellaneous
ƒ05—Newspaper articles, various dates
ƒ35—The Continuing Church

Links to other finding aids within this collection :
Box 318 -Biographical and autobiographical materials on the life of James H. Ballagh, maternal grandfather of the Rev. McAlpine; Family correspondence; Correspondence with the PCUS Board of World Missions; News clipping files.

Box 319 -Correspondence files including McAlpine family, Japan Mission (PCUS), church and individual supporters, U.S. Navy Language School,
Darby Fulton, W.A. McIlwaine, Frank Sapp, and others.

Box 320 -Includes McAlpine family history materials and genealogical tree, Japan Mission (PCUS) documents and Bulletins, Japanese correspondence files and Japanese materials used in the Japan Mission.

Box 321 -Joint Committee on Evangelism, Minutes and other materials; Correspondence; Missionary newsletters; Napkin Project materials; miscellaneous documents in Japanese.

Box 322 -Notable materials include Annual Reports for the Japan Mission, The Presbyterian Survey, a family history by Frank Herron Smith, and scrapbooks kept by Rev. McAlpine.

Box 323 -Family correspondence, 1975 - 1983, and Trinity Times newsletters from Trinity Church, Asheville, NC.

Box 324 -Diaries of Pauline Herron (Smith) McAlpine, 1908 - 1983. Some years are missing.

Box 325 -This box contains miscellaneous artifacts, artwork and gifts given to the McAlpines.

Box 326 - James A. McAlpine Photograph Collection

Box 501 - 506 -These boxes contain Minutes of the Japan Mission, 1950 - 1971 and histories of Kinjo College, Seoul Foreign School and Reformed Theological Seminary.

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