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A Textual Index of Puritan & Reformed Sermons
2d Corinthians

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Spurgeon, C.H., "Sentence of Death, the Death of Self-Trust,"  #1536, MTP 26.265-276.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Power of Prayer and the Pleasure of Praise,"  #507, MTP 9.241-252.

Sibbes, Richard, Exposition on 2nd Corinthians, Chapter 1Works, ii.1-543.  [Commentary, rather than sermons, but noted here for completeness.]

Sibbes, Richard, "Yea and Amen; or, Precious Promises Laid Open out of 2 Cor. i.19-23,"  Works, iv.115-149.

Palmer, Benjamin Morgan, "Certainty of the Promises in Christ," Sermons, I, 349-360.

Baxter, Richard, "What Are the Best Preservatives Against Melancholy and Overmuch Sorrow?,"  The Morning Exercises, iii.253-292.

Brooks, Thomas, Precious Remedies Against Satan's DevicesWorks, i.1-166.  ["Being a Companion for those that are in Christ, or out of Christ; that slight or neglect Ordinances, under a pretence of living above them; that are growing (in Spirituals) or decaying; that are Tempted, or Deserted; Afflicted or opposed; that have Assurance, or that want Assurance, &c."]

Wickliff, John, "The Ministration of the Gospel,"  Writings of the Reverend and Learned John Wickliff, vol. 1 in the set, The British Reformers, pp. 220-223.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Not Sufficient, and Yet Sufficient,"  #2160, MTP 36.457-468.

Machen, J. Gresham, "The Letter and the Spirit,"  God Transcendent, pp. 50-56.

Patton, Francis L., "The Letter and the Spirit,"  Princeton Sermons, pp. 159-191.

Willison, John, "The Glory of the Ministration of the Gospel,"  Sermon 9 of "A Balm of Gilead, For Healing a Diseased Land,"  Practical Works, pp 424-428.

Willison, John, "In What Respects the Ministration is Glorious,"  Sermon 10 of "A Balm of Gilead, For Healing a Diseased Land,"  Practical Works, pp 428-432.

Sibbes, Richard, "Excellency of the Gospel above the Law,"  Works, iv.201-305.

Vos, Geerhardus, "The More Excellent Ministry,"  Grace and Glory, pp. 82-102  [1st ed.:  107-130].

Sibbes, Richard, "Exposition of 2nd Corinthians Chaper iv,"  Works, iv.307-488.

M'Cheyne, Robert Murray, "A Faithful Ministry,"  A Basket of Fragments, pp. 6-8.

Beveridge, Thomas, untitled, preached in Philadelphia, 31 October 1788 at the ordination of the Rev. David Goodwillie, Biographical Sketches and Sermons of Some of the First Ministers of the Associate Church in America, by James P. Miller (Albany, NY: Hoffman and White, 1839), pp. 196-220. [Available in the PCA Historical Center]

Flavel, John, "The blinding Policies of Satan as the Cause of Unbelief and Forerunner of Destruction,"  The Method of GraceWorks, ii.451-463 and ii.464-474.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The True Gospel No Hidden Gospel,"  #1663, MTP 28.313-324.

Gray, Andrew, Communion Sermon, Works, pp 474-481.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Gospel of the Glory of Christ,"  #2077, MTP 35.169-180.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Blinded by Satan,"  #2304, MTP 39.181-189.

Somerville, David, untitled, preached at Paisley, 12 March 1778, Biographical Sketches and Sermons of Some of the First Ministers of the Associate Church in America, by James P. Miller (Albany, NY: Hoffman and White, 1839), pp. 223-251. [Available in the PCA Historical Center]

Palmer, Benjamin Morgan, "Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ ," Sermons, I, 611-620.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ,"  #1493, MTP 25.505-516.

Henry, Matthew, "A Sermon preached upon occasion of the Death of the Rev. Daniel Burgess, with a Concise Account of his Life,"  Works, ii.407-426.

Warfield, B.B., "The Spirit of Faith,"  Faith & Life, pp 231-242.  Also in The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit, pp. 60-66.

Witherspoon, John, "Ministerial Character and Duty," Works, iv.217-227.

Duncan, John, "Looking At the Unseen and Eternal,"  Pulpit and Communion Table, pp. 79-86.

Manton, Thomas, Works, xx.371.

Boston, Thomas, "Believers Looking at the Things Which are not Seen,"  (in two sermons), Works, iii.76-84 and iii.84-93.

Chalmers, Thomas, "The Transitory Nature of Visible Things,"  Sermons and Discourses, ii.289-294.

Dod, Albert B., "Looking at the Things which are Not Seen,"  The Princeton Pulpit, pp. 138-160.

Doolittle, Thomas, "How We Should Eye Eternity, that it May Influence Us in All We Do,"  The Morning Exercises, iv.2-38.

Manton, Thomas, Works, xviii.274.

Palmer, Benjamin Morgan, "Looking at the Unseen," Sermons, II. 395-404.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Vanities and Verities,  #1380, MTP 23.589-600.

Manton, Thomas, Works, xii.423-xiii.305, in 21 sermons.

Warfield, B.B., "The Christian's Attitude Toward Death,"  The Saviour of the World, pp. 203-217.  Appeared originally in Princeton Sermons, pp. 316-337.

Boston, Thomas, "Rational Evidences of Heaven Illustrated,"  (in two sermons),  Works, iii.22-36 and iii.36-66.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Tent Dissolved and the Mansion Entered,"  #1719, MTP 29.253-264.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Believer in the Body and Out of the Body,"  #1303, MTP 22.385-396.

Goodwin, Thomas, "An Immediate State of Glory for the Spirits of Just Men, upon Dissolution, Demonstrated,"  Works, xii.3-30.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Glorious Hereafter and Ourselves,"  #912, MTP 16.49-60.

Boston, Thomas, "Walking by Faith Not by Sight,"  (in two sermons),  Works, x.465-488.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Faith versus Sight,"  #677, MTP 12.109-120.

Edwards, Jonathan, "True Saints, When Absent from the Body, Are Present with the Lord,"  Works, (BT; Tegg) ii.26-36.

Howe, John, "The Good Man's Desire of Being Absent from the Body, In Order to His Being Present with the Lord:  A Sermon on the Death of Mrs. Margaret Baxter,"  Works, iii.342-368.  Prefaced with a Dedication to the Very Reverend Mr. Richard Baxter.

Spurgeon, C.H., "To Die Or Not To Die?,"  #413, MTP 7.521-528.

Girardeau, John L., "The Last Judgment,"  Life Work and Sermons, (Sprinkle, 1993), pp 13-38.

Gray, Andrew, Communion Sermon, Works, pp 445-449.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Great Assize,"  #1076, MTP 18.577-588.

Warfield, B.B., "The Gospel of Paul,"  The Saviour of the World, pp. 89-107.

M'Cheyne, Robert Murray, "The Love of Christ,"  Additional Remains, pp. 34-44.  College Church, Aug. 30, 1835.

Machen, J. Gresham, "Constraining Love,"  God Transcendent, pp. 130-143.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Under Constraint,"  #1411, MTP 24.241-252.

Baxter, Richard, "A Treatise of Conversion, Preached and now Published for the Use of those that are Strangers to a True Conversion, Especially the Grossly Ignorant and Ungodly,"  Practical Works, ii.397-500.  Text together with Matthew 18:3.

Bonar, Horatius, "Christ and the New Creation,"  52 Sermons, pp. 435-447.

Charnock, Stephen, "A Discourse of the Nature of Regeneration," Works iii.82-165.

Flavel, John, "An Interest in Christ tested by a Consideration of the Regenerating Work of the Spirit,"  The Method of GraceWorks, ii.345-358 and ii.358-367.

Machen, J. Gresham, "The Issue in the Church,"  God Transcendent, pp. 40-49.

Palmer, B.M., "The Transforming Power of the Gospel,"  Sermons, pp. 59-59.  Feb. 11, 1883.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Believer a New Creature,"  #881, MTP 15.397-408.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Is Conversion Necessary?,"  #1183, MTP 20.397-408.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Christ the Maker of All Things New,"  #1328, MTP 22.685-696.

Charnock, Stephen, "A Discourse of God's being the Author of Reconciliation," Works iii.336-500.

Spurgeon, C.H., "God Beseeching Sinners by His Ministers,"  #1124, MTP 19.421-432.

Palmer, Benjamin Morgan, "Reconciliation with God through Christ Jesus," Sermons, I, 191-203. ["Preached on the 22d of March, 1857, at the ordination and installation of Rev. Henry M. Smith, as Pastor of the Third Presbyterian Church, in New Orleans, LA."]

Fox, John, "Of Christ Crucified,"  The Writings of John Fox, vol. 12 in the set, The British Reformers, Part I:  pp. 7-41; part II:  pp. 42-97.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Heart of the Gospel,"  #1910, MTP 32.385-396.

Flavel, John, "The Nature and Use of the Gospel Ministry as an external Means of applying Christ,"  The Method of GraceWorks, ii.49-66.

M'Cheyne, Robert Murray, "Ministers Ambassadors for Christ,"  A Basket of Fragments, pp. 9-12.

Nettleton, Asahel, "Sinners Entreated to be Reconciled to God,"  Sermons, pp. 356-370.

Jenkin, William, "Now Is the Time, or, Instructions for the Present Improving the Season of Grace,"  The Morning Exercises, i.665-688.

Boston, Thomas, "A Caveat Against Receiving the Gospel in Vain,"  Commentary on the Shorter Catechism, ii.443-454.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Now,"  #603, MTP 10.681-692.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Day of Salvation,"  #1394, MTP 24.37-48.

Warfield, B.B., "New Testament Puritanism,"  Faith & Life, pp 243-258.  Also in The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit, pp. 67-76.

Chalmers, Thomas, "On the Amusements and Companies of the World,"  Sermons and Discourses, i.73-84.

Bonar, Horatius, "Christ and the World," together with the text of James 4:452 Sermons,

pp. 263-272.

Owen, John, "A Christian, God's Temple,"  Works, ix.285-295.

Adams, Thomas, "The Temple,"  Works, ii.284-310.

Boston, Thomas, "A Divine Call to Leave the Devil's Family, Explained and Urged,"  Commentary on the Shorter Catechism, i. 643-652.

Boston, Thomas, "The Divine Call to Sinners to Come Out from among the World lying in Wickedness, Explained and Urged,"  (together with 1 John 5:19),  Works, v.349-374.

Boston, Thomas, "Of Adoption,"  Commentary on the Shorter Catechism, i.612-642.

Watson, Thomas, “Parting Counsels,” Sermons of the Great Ejection, pp 133-146 (Banner of Truth, 1962).  Also found in Farewell Sermons, (SDG, 1992), pp 191-222.

Boston, Thomas, "On Acceptance with God;--The Doctrine of the Acceptance of Men's Works Explained, and a Practical Regard thereto in All the Duties of Life Inculcated,"  Works, xi.123-148.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Best Donation,"  #2234, MTP 37.625-636.

M'Cheyne, Robert Murray, "Christ Became Poor for Sinners,"  Additional Remains, pp. 168-175.  St. Peter's, April 18, 1841.

Peck, Thomas E., untitled, Works, iii.355-361.

Sibbes, Richard, "The Church's Riches by Christ's Poverty,"  Works, iv.489-527.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Christ's Motive and Ours," together with the text of Phil 1:29,  #2232,

MTP 37.601-612.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Poverty and Riches,"  #2364, MTP 40.265-274.

Henry, Matthew, "A Sermon preached at Haberdasher's Hall, July 13, 1712, on occasion of the Death of the Rev. Richard Stretton, M.A., with a Concise Account of his Life,"  Works, ii.384-406.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Expected Proof of Professed Love,"  #1522, MTP 26.101-108.

Spurgeon, C.H., "A Cheerful Giver Beloved of God,"  #835, MTP 14.565-576.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Gift Unspeakable,"  #1550, MTP 26.421-432.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Praise for the Gift of Gifts,"  #2247, MTP 38.121-132.

Spurgeon, C.H., "God's Unspeakable Gift,"  #2290, MTP 39.13-21.

Nettleton, Asahel, "Gospel Warfare,"  Sermons, pp. 158-167.

Flavel, John, "The Kingly Office of Christ, as it is Executed Spiritually upon the Souls of the Reformed,"  Fountain of LifeWorks, i.198-211.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Forts Demolished and Prisoners Taken,"  #1473, MTP 25.265-276.

Chalmers, Thomas, "The Folly of Men Measuring Themselves by Themselves,"  Sermons and Discourses, ii.48-55.  Also in Sermons, Tron Church, pp. 167-195.

Boston, Thomas, "The Soul's Espousal to Christ,"  Works, iv.22-31.

Candlish, Robert S., "The Simplicity that is in Christ,"  Sermons, pp. 43-66.

Boston, Thomas, "Of the Worthy Receiving of the Lord's Supper,"  Commentary on the Shorter Catechism, ii.489-497.

M'Cheyne, Robert Murray, "A Thorn in the Flesh,"  Additional Remains, pp. 238-242.  St. Peter's, April 26, 1840.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Thorn in the Flesh,"  #1084, MTP 18.673-684.

Gray, Andrew, Communion Sermon, Works, pp 465-473.

Mayo, Richard, "What Must We Do to Prevent and Cure Spiritual Pride?,"  The Morning Exercises, iii.378-393.

Alexander, Archibald, "God's Grace Sufficient,"  Practical Sermons, pp. 533-542.

Boston, Thomas, "The Strength of Christ Illustrated in the Weakness of His People,"  Works, vi.365-376.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Strengthening Words from the Saviour's Lips,"  #1287, MTP 22.193-204.

Boston, Thomas, "The Christian Weak, Yet Strong,"  (in two sermons),  Works, ix.138-152.

Griffin, Edward D., "When I Am Weak Then Am I Strong,"  Life and Sermons, ii.209-222.

Spurgeon, C.H., "A Paradox,"  #2050, MTP 34.589-600.

Spurgeon, C.H., "A Sermon upon One Nothing by Another Nothing,"  #1458, MTP 25.85-96.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Proof of Our Ministry,"  #1788, MTP 30.361-372.

Baxter, Richard, "The Mischiefs of Self-Ignorance, and the Benefits of Self-Acquaintance: opened in Divers Sermons at St. Dunstan's, West;"  Practical Works, ii.792-881.

Boston, Thomas, "The Necessity of Self-Examination,"  Commentary on the Shorter Catechism, ii.497-510.

Charnock, Stephen, "A Discourse of Self-Examination,"  Works, iv.483-493.

Gray, Andrew, "On the Assurance of Faith,"  Works, pp 183-211 (three sermons).

Nettleton, Asahel, "Self-examination,"  Sermons, pp. 323-333.

Welwood, John, untitled, Sermons Delivered in Times of Persecution in Scotland, pp. 356-359.  Eds. note:  "The title of this sermon bears that it was preached, April 7, 1677, at Bankhead--I suppose one of the Bankheads in Loudon Parish...By an alarm of the enemies approaching, Mr. Welwood was obliged to stop before the application was ended."

Adams, Thomas, "The City of Peace,"  Works, ii.311-334.

Manton, Thomas, Works, xix.156.

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