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A Textual Index of Puritan & Reformed Sermons

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Whitefield, George, "The Necessity and Benefits of Religious Society,"  Sermons on Important Subjects, pp. 107-118.

Chalmers, Thomas, "On the Advantages of Christian Knowledge to the Lower Orders of Society,"  Sermons and Discourses, ii.340-344.

Annesley, Samuel, "How is the Adherent Vanity of Every Condition Most Effectually Abated by Serious Godliness,"  The Morning Exercises, iii.1-37.

Boston, Thomas, "The Improvement of Life in this World to the Raising a Good Name, the Best Balance for the Present for the Vanity and Misery of Human Life; and the Good Man's Dying Day Better than His Birthday,"  Works, v.461-501.

Brooks, Thomas, "A Believer's Last Day is His Best Day,"  Works, vi.387-408.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Believer's Deathday Better than his Birthday,"  #1588, MTP 27.145-156.

Whitefield, George, "The Benefits of an Early Piety,"  Sermons on Important Subjects, pp. 143-151.

Alexander, James W., "Sorrow is Better than Laughter,"  The Princeton Pulpit, pp. 117-137.

Boston, Thomas, "The Crook in the Lot,"  ("The Sovereignty and Wisdom of God displayed in the Afflictions of Men, together with a Christian Deportment under them, being the substance of several sermons on Eccl 7:13; Prov 16:19 and 1 Pet 5:6"),  Works, iii.497-538.

Sprague, William B., "The Danger of Being Over-Wise,"  Naphtali Press Anthology, vol. 4, 1991, pp 93-108.  (Over-wise in regard to God's truth and His institutions).

Whitefield, George, "The Folly and Danger of Being Not Righteous Enough,"  Sermons on Important Subjects, pp. 118-131.

Whitefield, George, "A Preservative Against Unsettled Notions and Want of Principles in Regard to Righteousness and Christian Perfection," ("Being a more particular answer to Doctor Trapp's four sermons upon the same text."),  Sermons on Important Subjects, pp. 131-143.

Boston, Thomas, "Of Man's Inability to Keep the Law Perfectly,"  Commentary on the Shorter Catechism, ii.374-383.

Boston, Thomas, "State I:  The State of Innocence,"  Man's Fourfold State,  Works, viii.9-25.

Howe, John, "Man's Creation is a Holy but Mutable State,"  Works, i.462-473.  Also found in The Morning Exercises, v.82-92.

Manton, Thomas, Works, xix.49.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Word of a King,"  #1697, MTP 28.709-720.

Boston, Thomas, "God's Delay of Executing the Sentence of Condemnation Against Ungodly Men, Often Miserably Abused by Them,"  Works, vi.481-525.

Adams, Thomas, "Mystical Bedlam,"  Works, i.254-293.

Boston, Thomas, "The Nature and Necessity of the Christian's Work,"  found under section ix (In Relation to their Work in this Life, and their Journey to the Other World) of "The Distinguishing Characters of True Believers."  Works, v.248-272.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Spur,"  #1119, MTP 19.361-372.

Manton, Thomas, Works, ii.315-326.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Sowing in the Wind; Reaping under Clouds,"  #2264, MTP 38.325-333.

Nettleton, Asahel, "Rejoice Young Man...,"  Sermons, pp. 40-52.

Sprague, Wm. B., "The Danger of a Life of Pleasure,"  Lectures to Young People, pp 57-70.

Burgess, Daniel, "Wherein May We More Hopefully Attempt to Convert the Young, than Others?,"  The Morning Exercises, iv.550-584.

Manton, Thomas, Works, xix.61.

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