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A Textual Index of Puritan & Reformed Sermons

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Manton, Thomas, Works, v.9 - 367.  Also reproduced in the Geneva Commentary Series, (Banner of Truth, 1989).

Spurgeon, C.H., "A Special Benediction,"  #2412, MTP 41.217-225.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Threefold Sanctification,"  #434, MTP 8.85-96.  Together with texts: 1 Cor 1:2 and 1 Peter 1:2.

Collins, John, “Contending for the Faith,” Sermons of the Great Ejection, pp. 57-77 (Banner of Truth, 1962).  Also found in Farewell Sermons, pp. 309-332.

Spurgeon, C.H., "The Common Salvation,"  #1592, MTP 27.193-204.

Nettleton, Asahel, "The Judgment of the Great Day,"  Sermons, pp. 212-219.

Stillingfleet, Edward, A Sermon Preached Before the King, January 30, 1668/9, Being the Day of the Execrable Murther of King Charles I.  Tait Collection, Covenant Theological Seminary.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Spots in our Feasts of Charity,"  #797, MTP 14.109-120.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Enoch,"  #1307, MTP 22.433-444.

Spurgeon, C.H., "Praying in the Holy Ghost,"  719, MTP 12.613-624.

Alexander, Archibald, "Keeping Alive the Love of God,"  Practical Sermons, pp. 246-257.

Chalmers, Thomas, "The Principle of Love to God,"  Sermons and Discourses, ii.61-66.  See also Sermons, Tron Church, pp. 222-241.

Cooper, William, "How a Child of God is to Keep Himself in the Love of God,"  The Morning Exercises, iii.129-153.

Henry, Matthew, "A Sermon preached at the Funeral of the Rev. Mr. Francis Tallents, Minister of the Gospel in Shrewsbury; with a short account of his Life and Death,"  Works, i.600-630.

Spurgeon, C.H., "A Weighty Charge,"  #1286, MTP 22.181-192.

JUDE 24-25
Spurgeon, C.H., "Christians Kept in Time and Glorified in Eternity,"  #634, MTP 11.325-336.

Spurgoen, C.H., "Saints Guarded from Stumbling,"  #2296, MTP 39.85-93.

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