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The list presented here is drawn from the biographical files at the PCA Historical Center. Obviously, the descriptions offered below touch only a small portion of a given individual's life. Our hope is that in posting these memorials, it will prompt the donation of others bulletins and related materials. For one, we are currently lacking bulletins for several of the TEs who died in the last year (2020).

Teaching Elders
Allen, Andrew [1970-2019] – Founding Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Soldotna, Alaska.
Barnes, Thomas Franklin [1935-2012] – Pastor, PCA churches in Mississippi, Alabama & Texas.
Barr, Kyle E. [1920-2007] – Pastor, Walnut Hill, Lippincott & Edgemont Presbyterian Churches
Calhoun, David Bays [1937-2021] – Missionary; Professor, Covenant Theological Seminary
Chewning, Richard C. (Dick) 1933-2015 – Professor, Covenant College
Cooper, Cortez Alonzo, Jr. [1931-2011] – Pastor and Moderator of the 18th PCA GA (1990)
Dyrness, Franklin Seth, Jr. [1941-2006] – Pastor (New Mexico & Indiana); Chaplain, Quarryville
Fox, Stephen Michael [1939-2014] – Moderator of the 29th PCA General Assembly (2001)
Fuller, George Cain [1932-2021] – Pastor; Professor at RTS & WTS; president at WTS, 1982-91
Graham, Donald Carson [1910-2002] – Pastor, McIlwain PC; founder, Pensacola Theological Institute
Hall, Joseph H. [1937-2021] – Professor and Librarian, Covenant and Mid-America Seminaries
Harris, R. Laird [1911-2008] - Professor, Faith Seminary & Covenant Seminary
Hatch, James Mack, Jr. (Buck) [1914-1999] - Pastor; Professor, Columbia Bible College
Jones, David Clyde [1937-2017] - Moderator, RPCES Synod (1978); Professor, Covenant Seminary
Kinney, Brian Wayne [1947-2012] – Associate pastor, Westminster PC, Muncie, IN, & editor
Ludwick, Robert David [1943-2013] – Pastor and missionary; director of ITEM
Madi, Douglas W. [1962-2004] – Pastor, Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, MO
Moginot, Albert F. (Bud) [1923-2011] – Pastor; Stated Clerk of Presbytery; Chaplain, Civil Air Patrol
Patterson, Donald Bray [1923-1998] – Pastor & one of the founding fathers of the PCA
Reed, Gordon Kenworthy [1930-2021] – Pastor, director of Ridge Haven, professor and author
Schoof, Robert Carl [1931-2010] – Pastor of churches in WV & VA; Missionary w/MTW, 1985,
Settle, Paul Gunter [1935-2018] – Pastor; Moderator of the 8th PCA General Assembly (1980).
Sproul, Robert Charles, Sr. [1939-2017] – Founder and Teacher, Ligonier Ministries, 1971-2017
Stortz, Rodney Dennis [1950-2003] – Pastor, Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, MO
Stuart, Robert D. [1945-2018] – Pastor and founder of a ministry for churches in transition
Traylor, Terry [1949-2013] - Pastor, New Life PCA, Glenside, PA, & Church Planter
Wallis, Wilber Benson [1912-2008] – Professor, Faith & Covenant Theological Seminaries
Ward, Samuel S. [1912-2012] – Pastor in the RP, General Synod, RPCES and PCA
Witmer, Earl Warren [1928-2009] – Director of RPCES Home Missions; PCA AC; RE, Intown PCA.

Ruling Elders
Moore, Lanny W., Sr. [1936-2005] – Ruling elder, North Fort Myers PCA; CTS Trustee
Smith, William Telfair [1932-2014] – Ruling elder, Grace & Peace Fellowship, St. Louis, MO
Spencer, John Edward [1920--2012] - Ruling elder, Briarwood PC, Birmingham, AL

Others in the PCA
Duble, Allen [1934-2014] – Board member, Covenant Theological Seminary
Graham, Florence Westergard [1920-2014] – Project archivist, PCA Historical Center, 1985-2000
Harris, Edward Semler [1940-2015] – Board member, Covenant Seminary & PCA Historical Center
Ingram, Paul Robert [1951-2014] – Director, PCA Historical Center, 1987-1989
Killam, Bernice G. [1914-1999] – Secretary, Covenant Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, MO
Leonard, Bronwyn Rayburn [1947-1996] – wife of TE Stephen Leonard
Mathews, Arthur Hugh [1933-2002] – Journalist at Christianity Today and The PCA Messenger
Patterson, Jeanne Taber [1923-2009] – Author and teacher, wife of Rev. Donald B. Patterson
Spencer, Emalyn Henderson [1920-2015] – Author and teacher, wife of RE John E. Spencer
Thomas, Robert I. (Bob) [1929-2011] – Registrar, Covenant Theological Seminary
Wallis, Marie Coulombe [1913 - 2001] – Educator, author & wife of Dr. Wilber B. Wallis

Other Presbyterian Denominations
Boettner, Loraine [1901-1990] – [OPC] Theologian and author
Van Til, Cornelius [1895-1987] – [OPC] Pastor; Professor, Westminster Theological Seminary


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