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Since about 2001, we have been working to build a modest research library as an adjunct to the collections housed here at the PCA Historical Center, the purpose of these books and periodicals being to provide the broader context for the organizational records and manuscript collecctions. The Center's research library is non-circulating and is available for use only in the Center's reading room.
However, photocopies may be requested of portions of a given book, so long as that book is not fragile or otherwise not up to the rigors of photocopying.
As we continue to build our resources, if you have a suitable book or books that you would like to donate, please contact the director of the Historical Center.

In lieu of a proper Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), the following pages will present a simple listing of authors and titles, arranged under the following subject headings:

Archival Theory and Practice
Articles, digital format [pdf or html]
Church History :
  Congregational History
  Presbytery, Synod and Regional History
  Denominational History
Missions :
  Home Missions
  Foreign Missions
  Japan Missions Collection
Periodicals, A - L Periodicals, M - Z
Sermons and Discourses
Seminary Histories and Theological Education
Westminster Standards Collection


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